Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Assistant State Attorney General for Michigan, Andrew Shirvell Openly Bashes Gay Students Openly Expressing Their Sexuality

The assistant state attorney general for Michigan, Andrew Shirvell has created a blog devoted to discrediting the University of Michigan's student body president, who is openly gay. The state protects employees rights to openly express their political opinion during off hours. Shirvell has started an all out war in his blog against college students openly expressing their sexuality. Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell has called student Chris Armstrong a "pervert" and "Satan's representative" on his blog, and admits to protesting outside the 21-year-old's home. He may be able to openly express his political views on off time, but I think protesting outside of a students home should be considered a hate crime and harassment. I am so tired of politicians thinking they can do or say anything they want to and get away with it. Too many politicians think they are invincible. It's time for somebody to do something about it. Andrew Shirvell should be fired from his job and made an example of.

Link to his CNN interview (The code has been disable).

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Zzzzzz.... Facebook & Myspace Revenge

Something that really amazes me is how people change once they're online. People say things on Facebook and Myspace they normally wouldn't say if they we standing face to face with someone.  They are hiding behind their computer safely snuggled in their homes or their jobs, wherever they may be and they feel free to openly bash others or just say stupid shit online. Don't take it personally, I'm not talking about anyone in particular, nor have I recently experienced it.  I just happen to notice all the crap people post on their status to piss off others. Facebook and Myspace are to bring people together, it is kind of childish to use it to fulfill your personal vendettas.  Seriously people, people really don't care about all the drama you decide to create as you hide behind your computer.  We just sit back, laugh and think "Wow, their life must be really boring." It just isn't isolated to a particular age group.  It's parents and grandparents too.  I'm sure, they have told their children as they were growing up not to do such things as tearing down others. But, they hop online and do the same thing they tell their children and grandchildren not to do. The kind of behavior you expect from children and teenagers.  But, adults? Shouldn't you be more grown and mature than that? Come on people, Myspace & Facebook is supposed to bring people together, not tear them apart. I don't want to read about someone ripping on someone else and trying to publicly humiliate another person. I want to read about the positive things going on in your life, like "I got a job, we're having a baby, my kid just painted the walls." Even if your just having a bad day. Here's a little food for thought, happiness, pleasure  or self confidence doesn't come from external factors. That is only a temporary fix. True happiness and confidence comes from within, until you learn how to find it from within yourself, you will never truly be happy or self-confident.  Hatred and anger is some really heavy baggage to carry on your back. Lighten the load a little and learn let go.  Please try and remember it is only as real as you make it. Please don't take offense. :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Granholm has her eye on your unclaimed money.

Granholm signed a bill to reduce the State of Michigan's debt. State of Michigan has $208 million dollars of unclaimed bank accounts, payroll checks and safety deposit boxes and they have their eye on the money the reduce their debt.  The time that residents have to claim their forgotten property would be reduced to three years. After that, the unclaimed money goes into the state's general fund. Previously, financial institutions had between five and 15 years to turn over the contents of dormant accounts or safety deposit boxes. Taking unclaimed money from the residents of Michigan is not the way to go about this.  Because, I am sure they are not going to put too much effort into contacting you to let you know you have unclaimed money just lying around when they can get their hands on it. In all the budget talk, I have not once heard the concept of cutting back on their pay or expense budget as part of the solution. No, I'm sure that won't solve the problem. But, it's a start. You would be amazed to find out what government officials spend our money on. Personal jets, redecorating their office on a regular basis or when a new politician steps in they are given money to redecorate their office, big parties and events for schmoozing. When Jimmy Carter was President, he proved how much money politicians waste. If Jimmy Carter can do it, so can they in tough economical times.

To find out if you have unclaimed money in the State of Michigan click on the link below before they snatch it right up under your nose or call 517-636-5320.

Try typing in different variations of your name and if it comes up that you have unclaimed funds following the instructions to claim your money.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Schools $$ In Their Eyes

Schools are getting ridiculous. They rip off parents and rip off the students. It is getting so ridiculous, they are taking the fun out things.  My babysitter, who is in high school was over today and she was telling me, the high school charges $30 a couple and $20 a single to go to the Home Coming Dance.  Keep in mind, these kids only get some pretzels and soda in return for their money.  It's held in the high school gym so how much could it really cost them to hold the dance. They make it so some kids just don't want to go to the Home Coming Dance because they say it's not worth the money you pay.  And it it gets worse, she was telling me they charge the students a $1.00 to go the pep rally.  What the hell kind of school spirit is that?  Now what expense could they possible have in holding a school pep rally? Growing up, the pep rallies were free and the Home Coming Dance was only $5.00 a person.
Then my son is sitting at the dinner table and he announces, the middle school charges every student a dollar a day to participate in spirit week.  He says to me "Why would I want to pay them to where my pajamas to school or mixed matched cloths?" It's not like they don't make money as it is off the game alone and concessions, they have to charge the students to have school spirit. The Home Coming game is off the hook around here with all the proud Melvindale parents and alumni. Some of the parents are borderline ridiculous. They have turned school into a money making business.  My son says $2.50 a day isn't enough to buy his school lunch, it only buys him a hamburger and a drink. I have to send $3.00 a day just to buy him lunch. Another crazy thing is the schools don't give change. Yes, you heard me right. With all the those ones and quarters they get a day, they say they can't make change. The one day he goes to school with a $5, they didn't give him change and then the following day, they told him he had no money on his lunch account when he should have had at least a dollar. They are ripping students and parents off and getting away with it.  So, my husband called the school to see if we could get a pricing menu, the school says they haven't made one yet. So, how do they decide how much to charge the students if they don't have a pricing menu yet? The one year, I did go to the school and complain because they kept sending me notices home saying I owed money for lunch money and fed my daughter cereal for lunch because they say she owed money when my kids paid everyday. I would send their lunch money in a sealed envelope with their name on the envelope. They denied everything.  It got so bad, I had to go to the school and prepay and get a receipt. The funny thing was, she decided to pack a few times and the school never refunded the balance she had on her lunch account at the end of the year. That's a sin to steal money from kids like that.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Some men and women get on a real power trip when they get in a position of authority and they push the limits when trying to show their authority. One obvious fact they fail to realize is, just like a piece of strong metal, if you exert enough pressure on people, they will snap just like the metal. To their surprise, they have accomplished the opposite of what they wanted. Over-stepping your bounds of authority only shows you are lacking confidence and lacking control in some portion of your own life. It is really sad when you don't have enough self confidence in yourself that you feel it is necessary to abuse your authority to make yourself feel good about yourself.  I am a firm believer in showing respect for other people and I expect the same in return. If you treat others with respect, you are more likely to get a positive response from them and have a  more productive work place or personal relationships others. Respect isn't something to be earned, it is our God given right as humans. You don't start with a little respect and gradually work your way forward. You give someone your full respect unless proven they are not deserving of your respect. Then you simply walk away and remove yourself from the situation.  One thing a lot of people don't understand about me is I will sit back and be quiet about a lot of things. I simply sit back and observe. I may call you out a few things, but I will still be respectful and I will give you the opportunity to turn things around. However, if you don't turn things around, I will wash my hands of you and the situation. I refuse to allow someone to walk on me. I refuse to be on someones path of destruction. If you feel the need to exert power over someone to control them, then maybe it's time for a self evaluation. People are not to be controlled, only to co-exist. If you co-exist successfully, life will run smoothly like a well-oiled machine.

Bug parts found in Similac Powder Formula

This is your baby's formula

And.... this is what was found in it.
Beetle parts and larvae was found in Similac baby formula.  This is insane.  Nothing is safe anymore. Similac ought to be hit with a huge fine for that one.  It makes my stomach nauseous just thinking about all those mothers out there who fed their infant the formula not knowing their were bug parts in their babies milk.  What a shame, the companies have just become way too careless in their manufacturing. It's like no one even cares what it does to the consumers. That's like the large egg recall was due to uncleanliness.  It's getting as bad as living in a foreign country. Similac tries to soften the blow by saying there is no serious health risk. However, it may cause a stomach ache and digestion problems.  Of course, they are going to say that. What if it was the owners wife feeding it to his infant, if he had one. But, then again he would probably tell her to breastfeed.  Stomach aches and digestive problems can be a serious problem for infants. I'm sorry but this whole food recall thing is getting to be for the fucking birds.  The FDA needs to step up to the plate and start doing more inspections on these rat holes they are manufacturing our food in and start shutting them down for the smallest violations and make them bring everything up to code and keep doing it until they get the point.  Food is not cheep.  They charge us an arm and a leg just to feed your family and you can't even trust food your eating.  It's like the FDA is letting manufacturer companies do whatever the hell they want.  I wouldn't be surprised if some of them have been paid off to keep their mouth shut.  That's only conclusion I can come to. How else would they miss all this shit the companies are getting away with. The only safe option anymore is to breastfeed your baby.  You can't trust the bottles and you can't trust the formula.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Unusual Weddings

Okay, there seems to be a growing trend of people getting married in retail stores. Recently, a couple got married in the shoe department of TJ Max and another couple got married in Taco Bell.  That's a little ridiculous.  I understand they want their weddings to be unusual, but that is just tacky. Sometimes, I wander if people do stuff like that just to get on the news. Maybe she likes to buy shoes at TJ Max, but getting married in their shoe department is a little weird.  Last summer, my daughter was in cheer leading and a couple got married on the field of junior football game during halftime. Then the husband went back up to the booth to announce the game. I know it's not my business to judge where other people get married, I just think it's a little silly to get married in retail stores. It just adds cheapness to something that is supposed to be a special moment. If they would like to save money, then go to a JP. To each his own.

Taco Bell Wedding

Okay, what is he supposed to be?

Nice photo. Is this Halloween or a wedding? 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My back aches & my skirts too tight.

A Madison Heights (MI) 6 year old was kicked off her cheerleading team because her mother disagreed with a cheer they were having her 6 year old daughter cheer. Her mother felt the cheer was inappropriate.  My husband and I can agree with her on the cheer. My daughter was a cheerleader and her cheer team chanted the same cheer at every game. It does look a little strange and inappropriate for young girls to be chanting "My back aches, my skirts too tight and my hips shake left to right" as they turn their back to the audience and shake their butt to the crowd.  The cheer would be more appropriate for older girls but not really for young girls. It is ridiculous the coaches kicked the young girl off the team and decided to continue with the cheer at their games.  And they call that team spirit. Being a team consists of working together as a team and sticking together. I'm surprised more parents aren't a little uncomfortable with their little girls cheering such a suggestive cheer as they shake their butts to the crowd. But, there is so much politics in cheer leading the parents would rather have their daughters cheer a suggestive cheer than risk having their child removed from the team. This goes back to the problem of young girls being sexualized at a young age.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

What you shouldn't do when your pulled over by a cop.

A lot of people make mistakes when being pulled over by a police officer.  Here are some of most common mistakes most people make when being pulled over by a police officer that may get them in some hot water.

1. Never argue with a police officer and question them. Your only going to piss them off.
2. Cussing at them is definitely the wrong thing to do.
3. Never lie. Police officers are trained to tell when someone is lying and they know the questions to ask    someone to get them to fess up.
4. Stay Calm and pull to the right. Put your hands on the steering wheel and only reach for something when asked to.  Police officers can get a little edging when someone starts reaching for something.  They don't know if you have a gun or not.
5. Turn on your interior light if it is dark out.
6. Don't boost about who you know. Most likely, they don't even know who you know and your just going to infuriate them and they consider it a threat and will most likely ticket you.
7. Never, Never try to bribe them. They will only enjoy arresting you even more.
8. Don't make excuses for the reason you were pulled over.

If you follow the basic rules, there's a good chance you will get off with a warning.
*Be polite
*Keep you hands in sight until your asked to get something
*Don't have an attitude with the officer
* Don't make them follow you for a while before you pull over.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pentagon Finally Reopens Child Pornography Investigation (Project Flicker)

Finally three years later the Pentagon finally decides to investigate 100's of child pornography fans who are civilian employees, military servicemen and contractors. Including more than 70 patrons with security clearances and 22 with Top Secret clearances. The investigation was was started in 2007 and closed in 2008 after only 57 employees were investigated.  The investigation were of people under their ranks purchasing oversees child pornography on with their paypal accounts or their credit cards. The patrons have been allowed to continue their employment without interruption. Only 10 patrons were charged as a result of Project Flicker.  Right there under our noses government employees are viewing and paying for child pornography with our tax dollars.  We work and contribute to their salaries, while their sitting on their fat asses watching child pornography in their offices and these are the people we entrust our countries security to. But, because they are government employees, they can get away with it and keep their jobs.  It's about time they finally re-opened the investigation! But today, the Pentagon official in charge of DCIS told The Upshot that he has ordered the remaining cases reopened. Deputy Inspector General for Investigations James Burch stated Wednesday "I have tasked Defense Criminal Investigative Service representatives with reviewing each and every Project Flicker and related referral DCIS received so as to ensure action was taken regarding these allegations involving employees of the Department of Defense," . In his statement, Burch said that even if criminal charges were not pursued against the remaining names on the list, DCIS would take steps to alert their superiors for administrative action. Here's Burch's statement:

I have tasked Defense Criminal Investigative Service representatives with reviewing each and every Project Flicker and related referral DCIS received so as to ensure action was taken regarding these allegations involving employees of the Department of Defense. If circumstances dictate, additional appropriate steps will be taken to ensure allegations involving DoD employees are thoroughly explored. In situations whereby criminal charges will not be pursued, relevant information will be referred to the leadership of appropriate DoD organizations for administrative action deemed appropriate.

To me it sounds like they tried to sweep the whole thing under the rug to avoid bad publicity. Until Upshot started making inquiries again.  The Upshot was the first to report the existence of 100's of names the Pentagon refused to investigate. What kind of bullshit is that?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pastor Arrested on Sex Charges

A pastor in Troy, Michigan was arrested after the FBI say, he was trying to solicit sex from a 11 year old girl at a hotel. The Rev. William Bendert of the King of Kings Lutheran Church in Lake Orion was arrested Friday, September 10, 2010 in Troy at the Red Roof Inn for trying to solicit sex from a minor. According to officials, Bendert had expressed in his emails he wanted to teach the girl about sex. Bendert uses the AOL chat handle "Billthebear99." He claims he thought he was talking to the girls mother. Like that takes away the guilt off him wanting to screw up the life of a ll year old girl to get his rocks off. I hope Bendert is repeatedly raped in prison, because God only knows how many little girls lives that sick man has screwed up. Whenever a case like this comes up, the congregation and the community seems so shocked a pastor or priest was arrested for trying to solicit sex from a minor or for child molestation.  Child predators put themselves in positions in the community where people will trust them with their children.  Not that people shouldn't trust their pastors, but be very careful with who you trust your children with. Just because they are a teacher, a pastor, a priest or a coach doesn't mean they are saints.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kick Off

Okay ladies.... football season has officially begun. What are you to do? It's time to either go back to your old hobbies or find some new ones.  Back to watching those Lifetime movies and playing those Facebook games you gave up on for the summer. Anything to entertain yourself to keep your mind from going numb from the nonstop football on the television. Everywhere you look, there's football. Football commercials and football gear in the stores and  football on the tube. Football season has begun and your husband or man has found a new Be glad it's football and not a another woman.  Well, at least during the football season. Your time spent with your sweetie revolves around what game is on. Unless your a football fan yourself and then you two can spend your time bonding during the game. You gotta love them though, football is part of the man you love.  Don't worry, you can have him back after the Super Bowl.

Friday, September 10, 2010

California Judge Rules The Military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Policy Unconstitutional

In Los Angeles, California a federal judge said she would put a halt to the "don't ask, don't" tell gay policy in the military. U.S. District Judge Virginia Phillips ruled Thursday that the prohibition on openly military members was unconstitutional because it violates the 1st and 5th Amendment rights of gays and lesbians. During the non jury trial, Woods argued that the policy violates gay military members' rights to free speech, open association and right to due process as guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment. The decision will change the lives of many giving gays and lesbians the opportunity to openly serve their country. After the hearing Woods said, "It'll be an interesting decision for our president to decide whether to appeal this case. He's said that 'don't ask, don't tell' weakens national security, and now it's been declared unconstitutional," he said. "If he does appeal, we're going to fight like heck." More than 13,500 service members have been fired since 1994, the Log Cabin Republicans said. This is the second ruling from a California judge making great leaps in gay rights. Finally, those who are gay or lesbians can now proudly serve our country.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Joys of Motherhood

Society blames parents for children turning out the way they do. It's not always the parents. Sometimes we do our absolute best to raise our children to be a good person and it just doesn''t work. In some cases nature over-rides nurture and there's nothing you can do about it.  Each individual person has their own personality and in some cases you can't change that no matter how hard you try.  If a person is going to tell lies, then they are going to do it.  It doesn't mean, they have never been taught to not tell lies.  It just means they are who they are. As a parent sometimes the only thing you can do is the best you can.  Once your children grow up, they take over and they live their lives how they choose to live their life and you have no say in the matter.  When it comes to the point where you are becoming an enabler for bad behavior and poor choices then it's time to walk away. Your grown child may not understand, but eventually they have to learn they consequences for their own poor choices. They will never learn to make good choices if your constantly bailing them out every time they get themselves into a situation or when it comes to the point it is affecting your life negatively then it's time to let them feel the wrath of their poor choices.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1st Day of Middle School

Today was my son's first day of middle school.  I was fine until he walked out the door to get on the bus.  Just then it felt like his first day of kindergarten and my eyes began to get teary.  All summer, I had been thinking, "Wow, my little boy will be going to middle school this year. Things went well on his first day and he must have made a few new friends because there's a couple of new boys added to the pack and he came home acting as though he was now grown and too cool to listen to me. Kids are funny. They grow up too fast. He may be ready for this, but I'm not. He's on his way of becoming a teenager. Sometimes, I make him crazy and he tells me "Mom, I'm not a baby." It is so funny how fast they grow up.  He went from wearing jeans and novelty tees to wearing COLOGNE, skinny jeans and casual dress shirts just over summer vacation and a little birdie told me he has a girl's number in his cell phone.  Kids should come with a rewind button, so parents can take them back. He is my one and only son, so he might as well be the baby.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

10 Things He Doesn't Want You To Know from

From a man's point of view and a woman's point of view. What men don't want you to know and what she thinks about it.

Keep You Conquests Under Wraps
Safe sex is important. However, you don't want to tell her exactly how many women you have slept with. She may ask you, but she really doesn't want to know. She may not appreciate your conquests and you may be spending the night alone.

Your Income
Keep the size of your wallet in your pocket until you get a little further down the line. If you have the money, you can spoil her with the things she wants. If you have debt and are broke, she will most likely dump you anyway. (This one I agree with. Men just as much as women will latch on to a successful woman for financial security. So ladies, keep that monetary value under wraps too).

The Location Of Your Porn Stash
Most women like porn just as much as you do. But, they will never admit to it. They may feel like they are competing with a porn star in the bedroom. (Now, this one I don't agree with. She may actually enjoy watching it with you and the two of you can have some great foreplay and sex watching porn together).

Your Weaknesses
If she finds out, you cry during Bambi she may dump you. Woman say they want a sensitive man, but not one who cries during commercials or movies. Crying at funerals or over her is okay.

Your Strip Club Experiences
Do you like to go watch the ladies dance for an evening of erotic fun? Don't tell your lady she will twist it to her advantage and ask a lot of questions. (I don't agree being a woman).

Your Weird Fantasies
If your fantasies involve something that may be a little scary and dark to her or someone else. Keep those to the imagination. She may give you the boot as soon as she finds out.

Your Masturbation Habits
Keep the frequency of your masturbation habits to yourself. She may think she's not satisfying you sexually or think your a pervert.

Your Ex Memorabilia
She is really going to get pissed at you if she finds out your hanging onto the nude pics of your ex or all the old memorabilia of the ex-girlfriends. (I'd have to say I definitely agree with this one. If there an ex, the memorabilia need to go with the ex. Why do you want to hang onto something that isn't there?)

Your Embarrassing Moments
We have all had our embarrassing moments. I'm talking about the really embarrassing moments, the one's you don't want ANYONE to know. Revealing your most embarrassing moments is a visualization she may not want to know. It'll ruin your slickness right off the bat.

Your Cheating Past
Never reveal your cheating past if your trying to mend your ways and start new. She will never trust you. (Hmmm... I think a person has a right to know what their getting into. Don't you? People can change. But, if your a habitual cheater, she has a right to know).

Friday, September 3, 2010

Eat, Eat, Eat................

Do you what I noticed about working in the office environment? People eat so much take out.  If your not careful you could gain 20 pounds in no time. Someone is always bringing in snacks or they have their little stash in the drawer and everyday it's fast food. Someone always says "I'm hungry, let's eat." I made the rule for myself this time, I will only get take out if it is salad or something non-fattening. I am seriously trying to lose weight and fast food everyday will do the opposite. The food they order are meals. You got your chicken, fries, salad, coleslaw and Pepsi or pizza, bread sticks and salad. Except for the occasional time where I am just about starving and want that greasy fattening food.  I really don't want my ass to spread as wide as my chair and have clogged arteries. Then there's the women who eat that food everyday and don't seem to gain a pound. How do they do it? I want their metabolism, I want to be able to eat anything I want and not gain weight. I laugh because those are the ones who are always hungry. I go home everyday on my lunch break to get a few things done and to avoid falling into the trap of eating take out everyday. As soon as the kids are back in school, I'll be off to the gym everyday working out while they are enjoying their take out.  I am truly lucky  though, I work with some really wonderful people who treat everyone in the office like family. God bless their hearts.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Personal Dilemma

I will never truly understand human beings.  One situation I came across today was someone who purposely with held information from someone that they needed, because they don't like them.  I was told to with hold information from someone today and was really uncomfortable being put in that situation. What do you do? Do you go behind your bosses back and give the information or do you just do as your told?  I just did as I was told but wasn't crazy about doing it. The professional world can be insane and cut throat sometimes. I don't think I would ever do something like that to someone even if I wasn't too fond of the person.  Now, with holding the information wasn't going to give her a step forward in the profession.  She simply with held the information because she didn't like her and wanted her to look like an ass by missing a important meeting. Not even thinking that if it gets out that she asked her for the information and she refused to give it to her, she will be the one looking like an ass in the end.  I really hope she doesn't put the blame on me, because if it comes to it, I may actually say, she told me to "Only send her the information for one meeting and not the other because she is a bitch."

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