Monday, November 2, 2009

Spice up your love life...

Some of the most common complaints in a relationship is their sex life has faded, it's become boring or the spark just isn't there anymore. People get settled and comfortable in a relationship and no longer work at trying to impress their partner. Intimacy has an important part of the relationship to keep the love alive and burning. Appreciate the needs of your partner. Instead of complaining about it, take some action. Put down the remote and sneak into your bedroom once the kids are tucked away in their beds. You don't need to go anywhere to have some fun, you can have fun in your own room. Go to your local pharmacy and get some massage oil, light some candles and do sensual massages on each other, buy a new negligee or go online and see what you can find interesting to add a little spice to your relationship. Do anything, but nothing. Another option is, if you do have children and you need to get away, get a babysitter, pick up some take out and rent a room somewhere for the night. You don't even have to leave town. You can rent a room a mile from where you live. Who says you have to go out of town to rent a room or that it needs to be a special occasion to appreciate your loved one. Experiment a little and have some fun. You actively pursued your partner in the beginning...why stop now?

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