Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Mothers Work Is Never Done

Working during the week makes you appreciate the weekends even more than you did before.  Yesterday, after work, I came home and started cleaning and doing laundry right away to free up my weekend for relaxation. Saturday is my grocery day and I used to do most of my cleaning and laundry on Sundays. That is the last thing I want to be doing all weekend long.

I have noticed that when I come from work, the house just doesn't look as clean as it should even though I cleaned before I went to work. I end up cleaning again while I'm cooking dinner. With three kids living in the house, it just seems like the house is never clean. You can clean and clean, then the next morning the house is a mess again. The laundry and cleaning is never ending.

One of my pet peeves is someone walking through the house with their shoes on. I like to walk around the house in my bare feet. I wear shoes all the time and at home I don't want to be wearing shoes. When you walk around the house barefoot, you can tell when the floors aren't clean even though you can't see the dirt, you can feel it on your feet and it drives me nuts. Now that the weather is getting nicer, I am sweeping my floors in the morning and in the evening, because the kids and their friends go in and out. Even though, I tell everyone to take their shoes off at the door, they don't always do it unless I catch them and tell them to take their shoes off. Sometimes, I can understand why some of my son's friends parents say no one is allowed in the house. I guess that's why they run here to go to get a snack and to get something to drink. We go though the fruit snacks and Gatorade like you wouldn't believe. My husband and I make a little joke that our house is a rest haven for children, because we are always feeding someone else's child. Spring is here and the kids will be out of school soon, it will be a non-stop challenge to keep the house clean and food in the house.

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