Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Alton Nolen is charged

Alton Nolen was charged Tuesday, September 30th with First-degree murder and assault in the decapitation of his former co-worker. This is a big mistake that may cause mayhem in the United States. People are tired of this entire situation with ISIS being sugar-coated, like we are a bunch of idiots incapable of forming our own opinions and will believe whatever we are told.

Alton Nolen was fired for expressing his dislike of the White Race, Nolen also expressed that women who do not follow Sharia Law should be stoned to death, Nolen attempted to convert co-workers to Islam, his Facebook page talks about beheadings, Islam Extremism and now it comes out that Nolen went home first to get a knife then re-entered the plant. Nolen going home to retrieve a weapon, makes the crime pre-meditated. With Nolen declaring himself a follower of Sharia Law and all the other facts points to an act of terrorism and a hate crime. So, prosecution is leaving out some very important charges that may upset a lot people in the United States, igniting racism and being disrespectful to the Nolen's victims and the family members of the victims.

Today marks 35 days until the mid-term elections, so anything from now until the elections are over are going to be down played. The big mistake Obama and other politicians trying to down play every major event going on in the United States and around the world today and until mid-term elections are losing the support of the American people.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Oklahoma Workplace Beheading

Alton Nolen suspected of beheading co-worker, Colleen Hufford. Our government is classifying this as a act of workplace violence. Alton Nolen is an Islamic extremist. Nolton converted to Islam in prison, he has Islamic tattoos, he was attempting to convert co-workers to Islam, he has posts about Islamic extremism and posts about Osama Bin Laden and the 9/11 attacks on his Facebook. Nolen also shouted Islamic extremist phrases during the attack. Everything points to Islamic Extremism and yet our government calls it workplace violence.

The government does not want to admit an ISIS recruit did the beheading to show his support for ISIS and ISIS is a real threat to the United States. It is what I have referred to previously as damage control. Our government does not want to publicly admit ISIS is a immediate threat to the Homeland. Nolen committed the beheading and assault on his co-workers to show his support for ISIS. Yes, he was angry when he committed the crime, but that doesn't change the nature of the crime. Most likely, he already had planned to commit such a crime. He carried the crime through with little or no thought, which tells me the thought had already existed in his mind. He just may have committed the crime earlier than he had intended and the situation it occurred in was just an open opportunity to commit the crime.

Call the crime what it is, an act of terrorism. Calling it workplace violence is doing a disservice to Nolen's victims and the victims families. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Imminent Threat to our Subway Systems

Iraq has put out that there is an imminent threat to the subways in the United States. However, the United States denies there being a threat to our Homeland security. Nine ISIS supporters has been arrested, but yet there is no imminent threat. Think back to 9/11, the government do not tell the American people there was a terrorism threat. Later after the fact, it came out the government knew about the upcoming attack and didn't take it seriously or take any measures to prevent the attack. What you are seeing now, is the government denying the threat on our subway systems. The American government has a history of denying threats and the reason for this is damage control. They are worried about letting the American people know, because they are afraid of sending everyone in panic mode and creating total chaos.

The United States is also guilty of harboring known terrorists. They have intelligence letting them know of known possible terrorists and their supporters, However, they just sit back and watch them build their organizations and recruit supporters. Millions of dollars are sent overseas everyday from people here in the United States. Terrorists hide under our Bill of Rights. 

Our country is too sympathetic. We allow millions of immigrants to enter our country and support them while they are here. They have learned to work our system to their advantage. While they sit back and laugh about how stupid our government and the American people are. Being married to an Iraqi in the past, I have visited Jordan and Iraq, listened to them talk about how Americans are sinners. Sat in their living rooms here in the United States while they bashed our government, bragging about how you can make life in America very easy. They sit around talking about how to scam our system, getting food stamps, your rent paid and free health care. Scamming our insurance companies, selling their food stamps, and working under the table to avoid paying taxes and keep their income low enough to collect welfare. They also sell their childrens name and social security number to other people to claim as dependents to collect EIC. 

When is this over compassion for immigrants to come to an end? Terrorism grows stronger every day and we are helping them fund and build their organizations. 

Wake up America! Our government isn't going to tell us when we are going to war until it is already done and they are not going to tell us when we are in imminent danger of terrorist plot to prevent chaos. Just don't be blind, sometimes you have to read between the lines and make sure you and your family is prepared. Think back and remember how you felt during the 9/11 attacks, the feeling of horror and uncertainty of the future of our lives and the United States. 

They have bumped up security in the Subway Systems, take the threat seriously. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Judge Jeanine: We are not ready for war with ISIS

Judge Jeanine says, we are not ready to go to war with ISIS. I agree with her, we are not ready for a crisis in America. So many people go about living their lives and not knowing what is going with our country, It is easier to get into the United States than it is to get into the United States from Canada, our friendly neighbors.

We are at war with ISIS, but yet the borders have still not been secured. With all the thousands of immigrants that enter the country every year we are opening our country open to attacks. Not securing our border is asking for terrorists to come into our country. Iraq is in the position they are in, because the Iraqi border is not secure, allowing anyone who would like to come into the country go right across the border into Iraq. The United States is no different. We just recently was faced with the immigration debate over the massive numbers of immigrants recently crossing the border. What do we do? We provide them shelter and food and allow them to stay. It is ironic we are now at war with ISIS and we are dealing with the security problems of borders and homeland. Hopefully, now Obama sees how important it is to secure our borders. It is not about being compassionate and helping the less fortunate especially, when we have so many of our own less fortunate in our own country. A secure border should be top priority to protect the citizens of the United States.

The recent anniversary of 9/11 should serve as a wake up call to all Americans. Most of Americans are not prepared for another crisis. I have visited Iraq in the early 2000's. I was there when the power went out and everyone huddled together fearing for our lives in the living room as the post office near by was bombed. It was a feeling I will never in my life forget. It is very possible the very same thing can happen right here in the United States.

With all the past infiltrations of our border and the bombings that have already occurred in the United States, we need to remember that it could very well happen in our own city. Securing our borders should be top priority. President Obama is failing to do his job as the President of the United States by not making sure that no one can enter our country without the proper paperwork and can not walk right into the United States without us knowing.

We are not dealing with a small terrorists group, we are dealing with an organization that is bringing in an estimated 5 million dollars a day. This is what makes ISIS a bigger threat than any other terrorist group to the United States and that is something every American should think about and prepare themselves and their families for a crisis.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

FNC Megyn Kelly and Jason Chaffetz on Terrorists Crossing The Border

The video says it all, ISIS is an immediate threat to our homeland security. Our government just doesn't want us to know how much of threat they are to our country. ISIS can and are trying to get into our country. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

ISIS Recruiting Women from the US to join Jihadist Fighters

ISIS is recruiting women to be baby factories. ISIS is recruiting women to create the new ISIS Society. The idea is to recruit American women to have children and raise them with the ISIS ideology.

A Colorado teen has pleaded guilty to plan to join ISIS. She had planned to be a nurse for ISIS and was going to a ISIS camp near the Turkish border. Shannon Maureen Conley converted to Islam and planned to marry Yousr Mouelhi, who she met online. Conley was arrested at a Denver Airport about to embark on her journey to join ISIS.

Conley, who is a certified nurses aide now faces up to maximum penalty of up to five years in prison and a fine for $250,000.00. According to Conley's mother, she had met Mouelhi online and was talking to him via Skype. Conley's parents were aware she had converted to Islam, but they were unaware of her plans to join ISIS. Conley's parents, says their daughter and Mouelhi had asked for their permission to marry and they refused to give their consent for their marriage. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

13th Anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks

The 13th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks is just moments away. As we approach the eve of the 9/11 Attacks, we are preparing to going to war with ISIS. TSA says, we are much safer now than we were that day of the attacks. As we upgrade our security systems, technology gives the new terrorists new ways of getting past our security systems.

We are not anymore secure today than we were that horrible day so many people lost their lives and the reality that the United States is not invisible. Terrorists have been at war with the United States for years and their hatred grows stronger with every day that passes. They recruit youth from within our own country. There is the big debate about the United States having boots on the ground to fight ISIS, they have boots on our ground already. So, what are we waiting for? 

Everyone is waiting to get an answer about the war on ISOL, I'm not expecting the President of the United States to address the people and say "We are going to war with ISOL." Should we really broadcast what we are going to do on National Television before we do it? You can't win a game if you announce your moves before you do it. 

President Obama, announced tonight, there is no safe haven if you threaten America. I will hold him to his promise and so will ISIS. If he fails to follow through with his promise to take out anyone who threatens the safety of America, they will have no mercy on us. The United States will be deemed as weak and open to attacks.  

For all the survivors and those who lost their loved ones, our prayers are with you. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Costs of Obama Care Being Passed On To American Citizens On Your Restaurant Bill

Restaurants are  passing the cost of Obama Care benefits on to the customers. California is adding a 2%-3% cost on to the bill of customers to cover Obama Care. Other states, like Florida are also beginning to add the cost of Obama Care on to their customers.

American companies are also reducing their number of employees by 21% to reduce their costs of Obama Care.

Supposedly, Obama Care was designed to make health insurance affordable for Americans without health insurance. Instead, it has done the exact opposite. I personally know numerous people who have lost their insurance and people who have seen a rise in their health insurance costs.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Texas Principal fired for asking students to speak English in the classroom

Fox News reports, Texas Principal Amy Lacey, Principal of Hempstead Middle School was put on administrative leave for suggesting the students for their own good, speak English in the classroom. Principal Lacey did not ban Spanish or mandate English. Lacey suggested the children speak English in the classroom to prepare themselves for standardized tests, which are given in English. Lacey was simply following the Texas Education Code. 

The Texas Education Code describes English fluency as a "prerequisite for effective participation in the state's educational program."  

Lacey's contract was not renewed this year, essentially she was fired for following the Texas Education Code. The suggestion was seen as a insult to Hispanic Culture.

Americans spend too much time trying to protect diversity. There needs to be a common ground. The American Educational System is based and tested on using and having the ability use the English language. This is the common ground in the educational system. The English language should learned by every student and student should be expected to perform in school using the English language. By not enforcing the Educational Code to protect diversity will create a divide among the different cultures in the school system. English is the primary language in the United States, everyone who migrates to the United States should be required to learn English to function in our society.

By making accommodations for students who speak Spanish your are excluding the other non-Spanish speaking students from a learning experience and wasting a teacher's time. The non-Spanish speaking students will not benefit from all the questions being asked in the classroom and the teacher will have to repeat the same information in two different languages. 

Principal Lacey was attacked by the students, saying their rights are being violated. What about the other students rights? This is the United States, our primary language is English. English speaking students should not have their rights violated to protect this invisible line of diversity, which seems to be growing as our rights shrink with every invisible diversity line that is pushed forward. 

Students in schools are not just Spanish, there are several different cultures in a school. Why only get offended over Spanish speaking students needing to learn to participate in the American school system speaking English?  Do we provide this same right for every non-English speaking student in the United States? How do we solve the problem? We require every student learn to speak English. I feel like our rights of native born English speaking American citizens are being stomped on to protect this invisible line called diversity. I am 100% for diversity for everyone, including for the English speaking American citizen. Instead of coming together as one country, we are dividing ourselves within the country. A divided country makes a weak country. 

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