Thursday, February 4, 2010

A wife get's revenge on her cheating husband....

A Wisconsin woman discovered her husband was cheating on her with up to five different women.  The wife contacted the women and plotted with three other women against her husband.  One of the woman talked the Wisconsin man into meeting her in a motel room for a massage, blindfolded him and tied him to the bed. Then the woman taunted him asking him which one he loved the most and slapping him in the face.  Another woman pulled super glue out of her purse, cut off his underwear and glued his manhood to his stomach. The man was treated for his embarrassing injury and released with all his parts still intact.  The funny thing about this is the women met him on the internet knowing he was a married man and met him in motel rooms for sex.  But, they don't seem to be offended by the fact that he is married or have any sympathy for his wife.  They get angry when they find out there is more than one of them.  In their eye's it's okay when they are the ones helping the man cheat on his wife and it doesn't bother them he is also sleeping with his wife too.  Let him get involved with more than one and he is cheating on them.  How can he be cheating on them if the man is married and not in a committed relationship with them.  This goes to show you how delusional the mistresses really are.  They act like they are doing some sort of public duty by having a affair with a married man. Did they ever stop to think that if he was lying to his wife, then theres a really good possibilty he is lying to them too. I'm sorry, I'm still laughing about that one, the cheating husband got what he desearved. It's called Karma guys.  I really hope the wife was smart enough to go get checked for std's, if he was cheating on her with women who have a habit of picking up men on the internet and have sex with random strangers.  God only knows what they have.  That's a high five for the wife, she taught him a lesson and taught the other women what it feels like to be cheated on.  Not that they may actually be bright enough to learn anything from it.                      

Don't try this at home.... crazy sledding ideas

A 62 year old man from Independence Township, Michigan was hosting a sledding party Sunday night. Yes, you read it right, a 62 year old man. The Independence Township man decided he wanted to add a little rocket power to his sled. The man filled a car muffler with gasoline and gun powder, strapped it to his back and lit it. His little home-made rocket didn't give him the boost he expected, instead it gave him 2nd degree burns on his face and the right side of his body. The man is known for doing outrageous things at his sledding parties, but I think this one will go down as one of the dumbest things he has ever done.

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