Saturday, April 23, 2011

Does It Ever Stop???

My youngest daughter is 10 and my son is 11.  All they do is argue over everything possible. It is almost impossible for them to co-exist in same room together for more than five minutes without arguing. Is that ever going to change or is this my curse for having them so close together?

When they were little they were really close to one another, almost as if they were twins. Now, it is a nightmare. They are constantly bickering. Everything is a competition for them. Even if you saw them walk down the sidewalk together, you would laugh. They try and see who can be the one to get in front of the other one.

The television, God help me. There are three large televisions with cable in the house and they each have one in their room they can watch movies on or play their gaming systems on. They still ague over who is going to watch t.v. where. There could be two other televisions with no one watching them and they will still argue over one television. They could have been in the room an hour ago, walked away to do something else and come back to the room to watch the television. By then, the other one is in their watching the television and they try and claim squatters rights. Even though, they have been off doing something else for the past hour.

Maybe parents have made a mistake by having multiple televisions in a house. Growing up, we only had one television for the entire family. As children, we knew how to entertain ourselves. Children now a days don't know how to entertain themselves unless they are sitting in front of the television either watching t.v. or playing their gaming system.

In the summer or when they are off on break, I take 2 or 3 hours a day where all the televisions have to be shut off and they have to be doing something else. Maybe I need to do that all year round.

This arguing has been going on since they were 6 and 7. Does it ever stop????

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