Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I would have to call this one a "RANT"

Because of a certain someone who is not willing to admit to what they have done and just leave things alone, I have to miss my son's 5th grade graduation. They only graduate from the 5th grade once and while my son is graduating from the 5th grade, I am going to be standing in a courtroom. To him this is a big milestone in his life; he will be moving on to middle school. Some people who do not have children don't seem to understand the importance of having your mother at graduation, sporting events and etc. I don't even know how to explain why I won’t be able to make it to his graduation, he almost cried when I told him I wouldn't be able to make it. He thinks he is going to be the only one without his mother there. When someone has done enough damage to another person's life, they should man up and accept responsibility for the things they have done without trying to make the situation worse or more complicated for the one they have hurt. If you know what you have done, then quit trying to play innocent.

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