Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Top 5 Craziest News Stories Of 2010

Woman Stabs Her Husband Over TV Remote

Deloris Holly stabbed her husband last week in St. Petersburg, Florida over the t.v. remote. Her husband, David Marion was watching Monday night football and she wanted to watch "The Closer". St. Petersburg police said Deloris got angry with her husband and ran in the kitchen and grabbed a 5" steak knife.

Trenton Woman Taunts Her Neighbor 

This bullshit going on with a Trenton, MI woman Jennifer PetKov, taunting a her neighbor's daughter by posting Facebook pics of the little girl with her face being the center of a skull with cross bones and her mother wrapped in the arms of the grim reaper is absolutely ridiculous.  Petkov and her husband even went as far as to paint their truck and put a coffin in the back of the truck.

Better Make Sure You Pay Your Fire Protection Fee In Obion County, TN

Gene Cranick's home in Obion County, Tenn. caught on fire last week and when he couldn't put the fire out with his garden hose. He called 911 to have the fire put out. To his dismay, he didn't pay the nearby town's $75 fee for fire protection service and the fire department wouldn't come and put out the fire.

Wisconsin Woman Gets Revenge On Cheating Husband

A Wisconsin woman discovered her husband was cheating on her with up to five different women.  The wife contacted the women and plotted with three other women against her husband.  One of the woman talked the Wisconsin man into meeting her in a motel room for a massage, blindfolded him and tied him to the bed. Then the woman taunted him asking him which one he loved the most and slapping him in the face.  Another woman pulled super glue out of her purse, cut off his underwear and glued his manhood to his stomach. The man was treated for his embarrassing injury and released with all his parts still intact.  The funny thing about this is the women met him on the Internet knowing he was a married man and met him in motel rooms for sex.

Pentagon Finally Investigates Child Pornography

Finally three years later the Pentagon finally decides to investigate 100's of child pornography fans who are civilian employees, military servicemen and contractors. Including more than 70 patrons with security clearances and 22 with Top Secret clearances. The investigation was was started in 2007 and closed in 2008 after only 57 employees were investigated.  The investigation were of people under their ranks purchasing oversees child pornography on with their paypal accounts or their credit cards. The patrons have been allowed to continue their employment without interruption. Only 10 patrons were charged as a result of Project Flicker.

Cup Cake Papers

I found a useful little tip to use up all those left over cup cake papers. Whenever, I make cup cakes for my children's classes, they always want to pick out their own cup cake papers. I had stacks of cup cake papers in the cupboard. I ran out of paper plates to put the cat's can food on one day. So, I put a couple of cup cake holders in her dish to put her can food in. One of the chores I absolutely hate is cleaning out the cat dish after can food. Using cup cake papers in the dish makes for easy clean up. Just pick it up and throw it away and the dish is still clean. No more soaking and scrubbing dried on cat food from the dish.

Little Boys

What is it with little boys now a days? When I was growing up boys didn't pick on girls or they were called sissies.  My son and his friends thinks it's funny to pick on his little sister whenever his friends are around. They are driving me nuts. Regardless of how many times he has gotten in trouble for it, him and his friends still gang up on her. They are 11 years old, not 5 or 6 years old, 11 years old. Yesterday, they thought it would be funny to repeatedly poke her and tell her they were going to beat her with num chucks. He gets in trouble for it every time they do it. How am I going to get it through his head that him and his friends are not allowed to pick on her and bully her? I have tried teaching him boys who pick on girls are sissies, but he just doesn't seem to get it. I hate not allowing him to play with certain kids, but it just seems like he doesn't know how to use his own head and think for himself when he is around certain friends. You would think getting in trouble for joining in on some of the things his friends do, he would get tired of getting in trouble for his friends and tell them not to do it. How do I get him to stick up for his sister and not join in on the shenanigans? I am to the point where I am about ready to go knocking on doors and telling their parents about how their son doesn't seem to know how to behave when they go to someones house.

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