Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Downsizing America

The American citizens are being downsized in every way possible. It started with all the hype about Americans being supersized in every way possible. Now, we are faced with being downsized.

Manufacturers started by making the packaging shrink claiming everything is the same, they are just being more earth conscientious. The packaging kept shrinking and the portions keep getting smaller and smaller while the pricing is going up and quality is going down. While the packages are getting smaller, Americans are stilling trying to feed the same amount of people in their family. As a result, we are paying more for less food for our families. 

While the cost of living continues to rise, wages have barely budged for decades. The average Employer has decreased the number of employees and began paying new hires less money to fill the same position with fewer or no benefits.  Americans are working more hours, doing more work and getting paid less. While American's bank accounts are getting smaller, big corporations are booming. 

The average American is paying more for insurance across the board and getting less coverage in return. Right along with the decrease in coverage, the cost of healthcare and prescription drugs have increased. Rising costs are burning a whole in the American citizen's pocket and making it harder for Americans to receive healthcare and buy the necessary medications needed. 

The American dream of buying a house in the suburbs is unattainable for most. The millions of foreclosures across the United States is proof of the deflated American dream. Americans have been booted out on the street and forced to hand over almost everything they have spent their life working for to the banks.  

It makes you wonder "What will this country be like in 20 years from now? How will our children and grandchildren be living in the future?

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