Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Please Remove Shoes

One of my pet peeves that drives me absolutely nuts is someone walking in the house with their shoes on. I cringe and I can feel the stress building up every time some one walks into the house and doesn't remove their shoes at the door. Not only do shoes drag in so much dirt and mud, they are just so dirty and full of germs. Think about it, you walk out in the streets, sidewalks, parking lots and so on. You are stepping on where someone has spit and it has dried on the sidewalk, where people spit their gum, a dog has probably taken a pee where you have stepped and so much more. Then you walk into a house and drag all those germs all over the floor. When your having a barbecue or a party, it is understandable there is going to be a lot of people walking in and out with their shoes on. But, when your just walking into someone's house or apartment, please remove your shoes.

I am one of those people who has to mop when I know someone has walked through the house with their shoes on. Usually not right away, but I will mop the floors the next day. You would be surprised how dirty floors get from someone walking in a house with shoes on.

Off To The Grocery Store

I am off to the grocery store to see what good deals I can come home with. I absolutely hate doing the grocery shopping by myself. I think I have gotten a little spoiled always having someone to go with me.

The worst part about it is you have to lug all the groceries into the house and put them away. We go grocery shopping for two weeks, because it seems like we spend less money when we go once every two weeks. That and I absolutely hate grocery shopping. I hate spending so much money on food. But, it's a necessity and the grocery stores know that, so they keep raising the prices, making it harder and harder for families to buy food. If I didn't use coupons, I don't know what we would do. Our bill would be crazy. Even with the coupons, we are hit pretty hard after a trip to the grocery store.

They wonder why so many children don't eat as well as they should be. It's mainly because it is so expensive to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. I would love to be able to buy more fresh fruits and vegetables. The stores just make it so expensive, that and schools are feeding them junk food during the day. So, when they come home they don't want to eat healthy food. My son is in middle school and he informed me yesterday, he has a choice of eating the schools daily lunch, hamburgers, pizza or tacos everyday. If you give them a choice of course they are going to go for the hamburgers, pizza or tacos. Which is irritating as a parent, because I am trying so hard to get him to eat other foods and he fights me all the way.

Then when you go to the grocery store, two days later the kids say' "I can't find anything to eat", even when the refrigerator and cabinets are full of food.

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