Saturday, November 29, 2014

What Ferguson Protesters Did To A Slain Officer's Memorial

Jeremy Henwood was sitting in his cruiser while he was shot and killed. Officer Henwood was a decorated hero who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Just moments after buying a young man a meal at McDonald's who couldn't afford it was gunned down while sitting in his police cruiser. Protesters from a 2 local San Diego Ferguson Activists sent out this tweet and defaced his memorial. If someone did something like this to a Michael Brown memorial, they would burn down the United States. 

Officer Henwood was an honorable police officer while Michael Brown was ruthless bully. I highly doubt Michael Brown would buy a young boy lunch who couldn't afford it. Michael Brown tried to kill a cop over him stealing cigarillos. Every person who committed this crime against Officer Henwood's memorial should be arrested and charged. Where is the justice in doing something like this to an innocent's man's memorial who had absolutely nothing to do with the Michael Brown case. Police officers are human too and also have families. Dragging innocent people through the mud only shows the ignorance of Ferguson protesters. 


What is outrageous is that you have no respect for frustration some have with what police represent

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