Saturday, March 12, 2011

TLC "Sister Wives"

I start a new job on Monday, so I thought I would just relax on Friday since those days would soon be over. I was watching Hollywood Access the other day and they had the family on the show from the reality television show the Sister Wives. I found the show On Demand, so I started watching the show from the beginning. I was interested to see how they function as a family and how they really feel about being "sister wives." Which wasn't too hard to do, the show is only a half hour or 24 minutes On Demand.

Starting with the first show, they make it appear as everything runs smoothly and they are all happy. I try not to be judgemental about how others live their life. But, I find it difficult to believe, their isn't any hard feelings about sharing their husband's love and attention with other women. They chose that particular lifestyle for their own reasons, each one of them for different reasons. The common factor among all of them is one of the reasons they chose the polygamy lifestyle is because of their religion and faith. Cody's philosophy is "Love should be multiplied, not divided." But, by taking on more wives, isn't he dividing his love amoung his four wives?

As the show unravels, the dirt comes out. They all care about one another and want this lifestyle. However, there are feelings of jealousy. When the show starts, he only has three wives. Then it comes out that he is courting another woman for marriage and wants to bring a fourth wife into the picture. Personally, I feel he is being selfish and inconsiderate. His first wife and third wife begins to cry as they are talking about bringing a fourth wife into the picture, because they are only getting him once every third day as it is and if he takes on a fourth wife it will go to every fourth day. The third wife feels he pays a little more attention to her because she is new. The first wife says that she isn't sure if she will be able to continue with this relationship if he takes on another wife. What does he do? He asks the soon to be fourth wife to marry him. He should respect the feelings of his wives. Two of them work to contribute to the family and feel they are just getting by. Adding a fourth wife with children and the expense of a wedding will make their money even tighter.

Before the fourth wife, he already has three wives and 13 children between them. Now, he wants to and does bring in a fourth wife with two children of her own into the family. Knowing two of his wives are not happy with a fourth wife coming into the family and he still does it without their consent, says he is very selfish. He should respect their feelings. After all, he already has three wives. What does he need a fourth one for? You would think it could be a little exhausting to keep up and maintain relationships with his current wives. Not to mention keeping up with their sex lives. Sounds to me like he is trying to create his own little compound. To each his own, I wish the best of luck to all of them and hope the children come out of this situation okay. I just feel sorry for the two wives that are having problems dealing with their feelings of jealousy. But, that's what they signed up for, they knew what they were getting into by marrying a polygamist.

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