Saturday, January 3, 2015

Obama Has Signed in Nearly 75,000 Pages of New Laws for the Year 2015

2015 is going to bring major change to laws and regulations through out the United States. President Obama signed a near 75,000 pages of new laws and regulations that cover everything from paperwork policies to health and safety to the potential abuse of power. Now, isn't that ironic? I am sure none of those potential abuse of power laws will apply to him and his executive orders.

According to a Gallup Survey, the biggest problem America faced in 2014 was a lack of leadership. Americans have lost confidence in our President. Obama was caught in 51 lies last year. President Obama had a secret meeting with protest leaders in Ferguson, Missouri and told them to "stay on path". Our own President is working against our police department and telling rioters who were burning down, looting and robbing local businesses to stay on path. The duty of our President is to unite us, not divide us. Obama is exploiting the racial divide for his own political gains.

President Obama feels the United States is less racially divided than it was 20 years ago. Obama feels there is no epidemic of black males shooting police officers. Obama still has not gone on camera to discuss these murders of police officers. Obama went on camera to discuss the Michael Brown case. When Obama meets with protesters telling them to stay on path, to me that is igniting a racial divide.

As the year 2015 unfolds, little by little President's Obama's communist views as his laws present themselves in his control over our lives. We are walking into 2015 with the biggest racial divide since the 1960's, war with ISIS, the pipeline still hasn't been approved, an epidemic of police officers being killed and 75,000 pages of new laws and regulations are about to be unveiled this year.

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