Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Alton Nolen is charged

Alton Nolen was charged Tuesday, September 30th with First-degree murder and assault in the decapitation of his former co-worker. This is a big mistake that may cause mayhem in the United States. People are tired of this entire situation with ISIS being sugar-coated, like we are a bunch of idiots incapable of forming our own opinions and will believe whatever we are told.

Alton Nolen was fired for expressing his dislike of the White Race, Nolen also expressed that women who do not follow Sharia Law should be stoned to death, Nolen attempted to convert co-workers to Islam, his Facebook page talks about beheadings, Islam Extremism and now it comes out that Nolen went home first to get a knife then re-entered the plant. Nolen going home to retrieve a weapon, makes the crime pre-meditated. With Nolen declaring himself a follower of Sharia Law and all the other facts points to an act of terrorism and a hate crime. So, prosecution is leaving out some very important charges that may upset a lot people in the United States, igniting racism and being disrespectful to the Nolen's victims and the family members of the victims.

Today marks 35 days until the mid-term elections, so anything from now until the elections are over are going to be down played. The big mistake Obama and other politicians trying to down play every major event going on in the United States and around the world today and until mid-term elections are losing the support of the American people.

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