Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stupid Drivers Drive Me Nuts

PhotobucketI was driving down the highway on my way home this afternoon and there was a serious two car accident blocking the road leaving only one lane open. The tow truck driver signaled for everyone to stop, so he could flip the truck over that was turned up side down. Here come along two semis driving up the side of the road, pass the stopped cars and go right past the accident. That just really pisses me off, because the lane was only partially open so the cars were to the right of the lane and he came dangerously close to side swiping me and the other car in front of me, because he was trying to squeeze between the railing and the cars. What the hell makes them think they don't have to wait like everyone else?  If I was an officer, I probably would have called it in and had them pulled over. There were enough police cars there, one of them could have done it. People amaze me, they see an accident and they practically cause another accident just to get past it. Nobody likes sitting there in traffic, but sometimes you have no choice. I am sorry, but truck drivers are notorious for driving stupid! If your a truck driver, don't take it personally. But, the people in the cars get tired of almost getting run over by trucks. We would like to make it home safely to our families.

Elton John's New Baby

By now, I am sure everyone has heard about Elton John adopting a baby. The baby was born on Christmas day by a surrogate mother. It's a beautiful little baby boy, Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish. John and Furnish said, they do not know which one is the biological father, because they both contributed. I am not opposed to gay couples adopting. They should be able to adopt, because who is to say they can't provide them with a loving home and there is a lot of children out there who need homes. The couple tried adopting two Ukranian brothers who were in a foster home, one who was HIV postive, but were denied. I think it is terribe they were denid. Think about how they could of changed those little boys lives. They could have given them happy lives, full of opportunity. The thing I am opposed to is he put the baby in an apartment next to him with a nanny and increased his staff. What is the point of having a child if your going to pay someone else to raise the child. He wants a child, but he isn't willing to make any sacrifices to have a child. I am sure the couple will have lots of love to offer their child. I just think maybe they should consider moving the child into the same apartment as them.

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