Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sane Or Insane?

I ran across someone recently who I would have to say, their sanity is definitely questionable. Did you ever run across someone and they say or do something that is totally off the wall? Then you just stand there with this twisted look are your face thinking "Are they living on planet earth with you or are they living somewhere off in Mars?" It makes you really wonder about what goes through the minds of people when they doing something crazy.

This is just a thought, but it seems as though people who are lunatics, don't see themselves as lunatics. I guess that is part of what makes them irrational or lunatics in the first place. They see themselves as being a completely rational sane person and the people around them are at fault for anything that doesn't seem to go right or they just have unrealistic expectations. It's like they are looking through a tunnel and they are the only one seeing what they are seeing at the end of the tunnel. An irrational person doesn't see themselves as being irrational. They think they are the only one being rational and there is something wrong with the people around them.

The crazy part about dealing with someone crazy or irrational is you start to question your own logic or sanity for not seeing them as being an irrational person in the beginning. You even begin to question your take on the situation, because they truly believe their own irrational thoughts and you begin to question if maybe you missed something somewhere along the line or if you’re the crazy one. Then you begin to wonder if maybe you are one of the few sane people left on this planet earth and if maybe losing your sanity would help you cope with this insane world we live in and the people we co-exist on this planet with.

There's an old saying "You shouldn't judge another person until you have walked a mile in their shoes." With some people, I don't think it would make a difference if you walked a mile in their shoes, you will never understand their logic or the way they think. So, I guess the most logical thing to do is to not try and make sense out of something completely illogical or you might as well join them, because you will make yourself completely crazy trying to understand them.

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