Monday, October 18, 2010

The Pre-Pubescent World Of Middle School

What happens to boys when they hit middle school?  My son is making me crazy over clothes now that he has entered the pre-pubescent world of middle school.  All of a sudden he can't wear regular tees to gym class anymore. He has to have the silky basketball shorts with the matching shirt.  He ran out of shirts this morning to go with his shorts. So, I told him "grab a t-shirt that matches." His response was "I can't!" So, I asked him "why not?" He says "Because, I can't wear that to gym class."  Now, he forgets I just had one graduate from high school, I am not stupid enough to believe he can't wear a regular t-shirt to gym class. I know the school does not require parents to go out and buy the basketball sets for them to wear to gym class. When we were growing up, I just grabbed any old t-shirt and shorts to wear to gym. Nobody cares what you wear to gym class. He is the same way about his clothes. At 5th graduation, I couldn't get him to wear a nice shirt. He insisted on wearing a t-shirt. Now, he will only wear skinny jeans, brand name tees or button down shirts. He thinks he has to have Axe shampoo and deodorant. He's even concerned about how he looks when he's out playing with friends and insisted on getting a faux hawk and actually does his hair everyday. Sometimes, I wish he was still into the tees and baggy pants phase, he was much easier then. He wants his ear pierced, but I won't allow that one. I think boys should look like boys. Isn't it kind of early for him to worry about all this stuff already?  I wish he worried about keeping his room clean as much as he worries about his appearance. Then there's the mouth and talking back. The funny thing about it, on his progress report, his teachers said he was a pleasure to have in class. How do they have such personality changes after they get off that bus? God help me, this is just the beginning.

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