Friday, February 6, 2015

Kayla Muller an American Aid Worker Killed

It has finally gotten to the point where Obama can no longer ignore ISIS. Jordan stepped up and went after ISIS with full force. The longer they are ignore ISIS, the bigger threat they become to the United States.

Susan Rice says, ISIS is not an existential threat to the United States. There are threats from ISIS against every state in the United States, except for Alaska. The damage ISIS has done already isn't enough for this administration to recognize ISIS is a threat. What is it going take? Another attack like the 9/11 attack to hit our homeland before they become a threat to the United States.

Obama says Christians get on their high horse and commit horrible acts at his Prayer Breakfast Speech in Washington yesterday. It amazing how Obama can compare today's modern day Christian to what is going on with ISIS. Americans comparable to ISIS? He pulled that one out of his hat and probably should have left that remark out of his speech. Why is he the President of the United States if he thinks we are so barbaric? I guess, he thinks Jordan is on their high horse too.

ISIS is claiming aid worker Kayla Jean Muller was killed by Jordan's bombing in the northern city of Raqqa. It is questionable she was killed in the bombings. ISIS released photos of several burned 3 story buildings, but no pictures of Muller. Interesting how Muller was killed only and, no Islamic state militants were killed in the air strikes or any other hostages. ISIS is attempting to play the United States against Jordan after the bombings as an attempt to manipulate the United States to put pressure on Jordan, considering ISIS still has several US hostages. 

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