Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sex and the city 2

For those Sex and the city lovers, there is a sequel! I really enjoyed the first movie a lot more than I thought I would and Sex and the city 2 looks even better than the first. I'll waiting for this one to come out on dvd to enjoy relaxing on my couch. For the first Sex and the city, my husband ran to the bedroom to watch football. I'm sure he will enjoy 2 as much as the first Sex and the city. ;)

A sigh of relief...

I went for my mammogram on Tuesday and had an appointment with the surgeon yesterday, it was just a cyst. What a relief. They surgeon took care of the cyst in the office, so everything worked out okay in the end and I am a little sore but, good as new. It was a scary feeling sitting there waiting for all the test results. Everyone at the Breast Cancer Center was awesome. Everyone was very prompt on doing the testing and getting the results because the lump was rather large, it was about the size of a lime. Now, I'm just waiting on the results of the fluid drawn from the cyst to make sure it wasn't cancerous.  But, the surgeon assured me, he doesn't think it was cancerous, so I feel much better. One lesson I learned from the whole situation is GO FOR MY YEARLY MAMMOGRAMS.

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