Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Once Upon A Child

If you can find a Once Upon A Child close by it is a good place to exchange your gently used clothing for money, giving you money to buy more clothes for your child.  Once Upon A Child paid me $6.50 for four pairs of pants. But, the catch is you have to find one that is not over crowded with boxes. I took back clothing to sell and they only took four pairs of pants out of an entire box. A few of the things were shirts with the tags still on because I bought them for my son and he never wore them, including a nice winter coat I bought at the end of the season on clearance thinking I would get a jump on next winter and he refused to wear it because he said it was too puffy and of course he grew more than expected over the summer. I sold clothing to Once Upon A Child when my oldest was little and I was in college and it was well worth my time to gather them up and take them in. But, the one up here I found seems to be overcrowded with clothing and isn't buying very much. I think the economy has a little to do with that. People are always looking for ways to make some extra money.

Skin So Soft Anti-Perspirant Product Review

Skin So Soft Anti-Perspirant gives you more bang for your buck. It is an excellent deodorant at an affordable price. Skin So Soft Deodorant has a light scent with all day protection.  Compared to the average pricing you pay in the drug store or grocery store at $1.99-$6.00. You can buy Skin So Soft Deodorant for $0.99. Avon sells deodorant for men and women. When your on a tight budget, ordering your deodorants and other everyday products from Avon can save you money.

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