Thursday, March 18, 2010

Out Sourcing America

So many Americans buy foreign cars thinking they are getting a better car for less money.  With all the Toyota recalls going on you would think it is time for Americans to invest in their own manufacturers.  Toyota has had over 8 million recalls on their cars.  Sorry to say all those Americans investing in foreign made cars, you had it coming.  They bring our food and products from other countries and we have more recalls since they have been importing our food and products from other countries than we have had in American history. I have never understood the thrill about buying foreign made cars.  Our jobs have been out sourced to foreign countries and millions of Americans have lost their jobs and people still haven't learned their lesson yet.  People need to be more supportive of their own economy and stop making the other countries richer while Americans are becoming poorer.  Support your own country buy American. Everyone's need to buy foreign is putting our americans out of work and our products and food are unsafe. Even the poor farmers are being put out of work. Proud to be a Ford driver. 

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