Thursday, December 30, 2010

Minimum Wage Earners Will See An Increase..... LOL

In the year 2011, seven states will see an increase in minimum wage of 9-12 cents an hour. Wow, can they afford it? They act like raising minimum wage by 9-12 cents an hour is a big deal to make up for the cost of living increase. It's not even all 50 states, just seven states. I'm sorry but there is a lot people out there who used to make a whole lot more are now out there working minimum wage jobs because their unemployment has run out and they have no other option because jobs are slim pickings. You would think with the millions of Americans out of work and out of unemployment benefits, they would give all 50 states a significant increase. A minimum wage job isn't even enough money to pay rent, utilities and buy food. But, yet it is just enough to keep you from getting any welfare benefits. Think about all the crappy work people have to do for minimum wage jobs. It's ridiculous that they are even paying people minimum wage to get treated like a work horse doing shit jobs!!!! It's damn near slavery. It's just not people out there who didn't have the opportunity to go to college or teenagers working minimum wage jobs anymore. It's people with bachelors and masters degrees also, because they have no other choice if they want to put a roof over their families heads. Even if it was like it was five or six years ago where there were more jobs for people, it's no excuse for paying people lousy wages. Teenagers used to work minimum wage jobs, now it's adults trying to survive until the economy turns around. Do you really think by the time they take taxes out of their paychecks they even see that money? Think about it, if get in increase of say 10 cents an hour that is only 70 cents a day by the time they take out breaks, not even $5 a week. How is that going to help anyone in times like this? It's a joke if you ask me. You can only get about a gallon of gas after they take the taxes out and a gallon of gas isn't even enough to get most people to work. It's just enough to keep the people poor without any light at the end of the tunnel. This is what they call the "American Dream?" It's what I call a "bleepen" joke!

Happy New Year!!!!

Hello everyone, today is going to be an insanely busy day. I hope to get a chance to write today. But, if I don't get the opportunity, I hope everyone has a wonderful & safe Happy New Year. I plan on curling up on the sofa with my husband and a bottle of wine. Wow, can you believe the year 2011 is almost here? It will probably take me a month before I start writing the right date.  Stay safe and no drinking and driving.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Top 5 Craziest News Stories Of 2010

Woman Stabs Her Husband Over TV Remote

Deloris Holly stabbed her husband last week in St. Petersburg, Florida over the t.v. remote. Her husband, David Marion was watching Monday night football and she wanted to watch "The Closer". St. Petersburg police said Deloris got angry with her husband and ran in the kitchen and grabbed a 5" steak knife.

Trenton Woman Taunts Her Neighbor 

This bullshit going on with a Trenton, MI woman Jennifer PetKov, taunting a her neighbor's daughter by posting Facebook pics of the little girl with her face being the center of a skull with cross bones and her mother wrapped in the arms of the grim reaper is absolutely ridiculous.  Petkov and her husband even went as far as to paint their truck and put a coffin in the back of the truck.

Better Make Sure You Pay Your Fire Protection Fee In Obion County, TN

Gene Cranick's home in Obion County, Tenn. caught on fire last week and when he couldn't put the fire out with his garden hose. He called 911 to have the fire put out. To his dismay, he didn't pay the nearby town's $75 fee for fire protection service and the fire department wouldn't come and put out the fire.

Wisconsin Woman Gets Revenge On Cheating Husband

A Wisconsin woman discovered her husband was cheating on her with up to five different women.  The wife contacted the women and plotted with three other women against her husband.  One of the woman talked the Wisconsin man into meeting her in a motel room for a massage, blindfolded him and tied him to the bed. Then the woman taunted him asking him which one he loved the most and slapping him in the face.  Another woman pulled super glue out of her purse, cut off his underwear and glued his manhood to his stomach. The man was treated for his embarrassing injury and released with all his parts still intact.  The funny thing about this is the women met him on the Internet knowing he was a married man and met him in motel rooms for sex.

Pentagon Finally Investigates Child Pornography

Finally three years later the Pentagon finally decides to investigate 100's of child pornography fans who are civilian employees, military servicemen and contractors. Including more than 70 patrons with security clearances and 22 with Top Secret clearances. The investigation was was started in 2007 and closed in 2008 after only 57 employees were investigated.  The investigation were of people under their ranks purchasing oversees child pornography on with their paypal accounts or their credit cards. The patrons have been allowed to continue their employment without interruption. Only 10 patrons were charged as a result of Project Flicker.

Cup Cake Papers

I found a useful little tip to use up all those left over cup cake papers. Whenever, I make cup cakes for my children's classes, they always want to pick out their own cup cake papers. I had stacks of cup cake papers in the cupboard. I ran out of paper plates to put the cat's can food on one day. So, I put a couple of cup cake holders in her dish to put her can food in. One of the chores I absolutely hate is cleaning out the cat dish after can food. Using cup cake papers in the dish makes for easy clean up. Just pick it up and throw it away and the dish is still clean. No more soaking and scrubbing dried on cat food from the dish.

Little Boys

What is it with little boys now a days? When I was growing up boys didn't pick on girls or they were called sissies.  My son and his friends thinks it's funny to pick on his little sister whenever his friends are around. They are driving me nuts. Regardless of how many times he has gotten in trouble for it, him and his friends still gang up on her. They are 11 years old, not 5 or 6 years old, 11 years old. Yesterday, they thought it would be funny to repeatedly poke her and tell her they were going to beat her with num chucks. He gets in trouble for it every time they do it. How am I going to get it through his head that him and his friends are not allowed to pick on her and bully her? I have tried teaching him boys who pick on girls are sissies, but he just doesn't seem to get it. I hate not allowing him to play with certain kids, but it just seems like he doesn't know how to use his own head and think for himself when he is around certain friends. You would think getting in trouble for joining in on some of the things his friends do, he would get tired of getting in trouble for his friends and tell them not to do it. How do I get him to stick up for his sister and not join in on the shenanigans? I am to the point where I am about ready to go knocking on doors and telling their parents about how their son doesn't seem to know how to behave when they go to someones house.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Direct TV's Call Center Is In The Philippines

This is exactly what I am talking about when I say all of our jobs are being sent overseas.  We have called Direct TV three times to change the address on our account. We cancelled our Direct TV and because someone doesn't seem to speak English enough to actually change the address. Direct TV charged our bank account $132.50 for an equipment charge because they didn't get the boxes back.  Well, they didn't get the boxes back because their employees at the their call center which is located in the PHILIPPINES didn't change the address when we called. I called again today because we haven't received the money back in our bank account or the boxes to send the equipment back. Why did we not received the boxes yet? Because they still didn't change the address to the correct address. She proceeds to read back our correct address with an apartment number. WE DON'T LIVE IN A APARTMENT. So, of course we still haven't received the boxes to ship back the equipment to Direct TV. The frustrating thing about this whole thing is they are blaming us for not calling them and making sure they had the correct address for the boxes to be shipped to. Well, dammit, we did! But, maybe they would know that if they could actually understand us when we are speaking to them!!! Try it sometime, when you get a customer service representative who has an accent, ask them "Where is your call center located?" and see what they tell you. This is frustrating as hell and it seems that there is nothing we can do about. But, you know what? It makes me think twice about returning back to Direct TV when our financial situation changes.

Christmas 2010

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Mrs. E & her family had a wonderful Christmas, including Sasha Kitty and Mr. Max.

More Jobs Sent Overseas

Unemployment in the United States are edging up near 9.8% regardless of the top 500 companies showing the highest increase in sales since 2008. Where are the jobs going? The companies are hiring overseas. The Economic Policy Institute, a Washington think tank, says "American companies have created 1.4 million jobs overseas this year, compared with less than 1 million in the U.S. The additional 1.4 million jobs would have lowered the U.S. unemployment rate to 8.9 percent, says Robert Scott, the institute's senior international economist." China has become the world's second largest economy, thanks to the American companies. Harvard Business School Dean Nitin Nohria worries that the trend could be dangerous. In an article in the November issue of the Harvard Business Review, he says that if U.S. businesses keep prospering while Americans are struggling, business leaders will lose legitimacy in society. He exhorted business leaders to find a way to link growth with job creation at home. Other economists, like Columbia University's Sachs, say multinational corporations have no choice, especially now that the quality of the global work force has improved. Sachs points out that the U.S. is falling in most global rankings for higher education while others are rising. Our jobs are being ripped from right under our feet and the products from overseas are being shoved down our throats.  Many 3rd world countries have set out to set to achieve the "American Dream". Now, the "American Dream" is no longer attainable by our own Americans. Countries like China and India are prospering while America is quickly spiraling downwards. The quality of life has been changed for many Americans and the future is looking dangerously scary.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Is Christmas Break Over Yet?

I love my children dearly, but I am so ready for them to go back to school. They are at each other's throats every opportunity they get. It's always an argument over who gets what and how much. Everything is a competition for them. When are they going to stop fighting with each other so much? You would think they were each other's worst enemy. We all love our children, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy time away from them. It all makes you enjoy the time you have with them even more.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

I will be taking a little short break. Christmas is just around the corner & I will be busy playing Santa and cooking. I hope everyone was a joyous and wonderful Christmas.

Christmas Pictures, Images and Photos

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Presidential News Conference- President Obama

President Obama refers to the economy as a car. He says the American people are driving the car and the car is on a stable road. American people are driving the car? I don't know about that. But, one thing I do know is the economy is not on a stable road. He had a few good things to say. But, one thing I am tired of hearing is we have to start creating jobs for the American people and get them back to work. When are they going to start creating jobs and how? That's the question I want answered. What jobs? Low paying jobs or minimum wage jobs. The standard of living has dropped for millions of Americans and not for the better. It's time to stop repeating the same statements and put some sort of plan into action. Please don't tell me, we are giving tax breaks to the wealthy to help companies create jobs. Because that hasn't happened yet. The wealthy has been getting tax breaks for years and they sent millions of jobs overseas, then stuck the money in the bank accounts instead of creating jobs. Just in case you think the tax breaks apply to you, the tax breaks only apply to people who have a income of over $500,000 a year. The average American who needs that tax break, is not included in the income bracket to get the tax break. .

Christmas Favorites

Mariah Carey- All I Want For Christmas Is You

Eartha Kitt- Santa Baby

My Grown Up Christmas List

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Is In The Air

My little girl's first year of baking cookies.

What a peaceful afternoon with the smell of cookies in the air, Christmas music playing and a hot cup of peppermint mocha coffee.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Older Men Dating Young Girls

I'm watching the Dr. Phil show and it's about a 41 year old man dating a 19 year old girl. I don't know about anyone else but, that just creeps me out.  If a older man is dating a young girl, it is borderline child molestation. Dating a 18 or 19 year old girl is safe legally. But, by being with someone young fills their thrill of having sex with a teenage girl. They are still a teenager, but legal. I wonder if the thought of what these men are going to look like in 10 years crosses their mind? They are still going to be young and pretty and their husband or boyfriend is going to be wrinkled and maybe in poor health. What about when they are in their 20's and they want to start going out with their friends and enjoying life? Most likely they won't be able to because their boyfriend or their husband will not want them going out to the bars and dance clubs because they are afraid they are going to find someone younger and more attractive. These young girls have a long road ahead of them if they don't open their eyes and see what a catastrophe these kind of unhealthy relationships can bring in their life.

Mt. Clemens Man In Court Today Charged With Sexual & Physical Abuse of A 13 Month Old Baby

I will never understand or have any sympathy what so ever for anyone who physically or sexually abuses a child. A man from Mt. Clemens, Michigan appeared in Court today being charged with two counts of sexual and physical abuse. David Montaldi was caring for the 13 month old girl, when he called the mother of the child and told her she needed to come home because he thinks his 150 pound mastiff dog sat on the child. The mother rushed home and observed the child's injuries and called 911. When the police arrived, they observed the injuries and bruising was not consist with Montaldi's story. The child suffered four skull fractures and bruising on the face and head. The 13-month old baby also showed signs of sexual abuse. Due to the skull fractures, the baby is struggling for her life. Montaldi, a resident doctor and the child's mother has been dating for about 6 months and worked together at the Mount Clemens Regional Medical Center. Imagine that, a doctor committed these heinous crimes against a baby. If Montaldi is found guilty he could be facing life in prison. We all know what happens to child molesters in prison. They should stick him in prison with a tattoo on his forehead that reads "I'm a child molester." Hopefully, the sick s.o.b. will get life in prison so he can get a lifetime of payback on behalf of the little girl he molested and abused.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Baby!!!!

Sometimes I worry about you
You don't relax enough
You work so hard
There is so much for you to do

Sometimes I worry about you
You don't realize how much
you are appreciated
or how much you give
of yourself to others
or what a wonderful husband
you are to me
and what a perfect father
you are to our children

Other times I am thankful
for the way you are
as I realize it is the
only way you could be

But at all times
I want you to know
that I respect you greatly
and I thank you for
being the best man in the world
in every way
I love you

- Susan Polis Schutz

Happy Birthday

with All My Love Always!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mystery Santa Handing Out $100 Bills

A mystery Santa in Des Moines, Iowa surprised people walking around handing out cards with $100 on the other side. Some people burst into tears and some people didn't know whether or not to believe it, wanting to know if it was real or if they had to do anything for it. The Santa told them, it's real and you can have it. The mystery Santa said he was inspired by a similar mystery in Kansas City, where a secret Santa gives $100 bills to the less fortunate every year and he wanted to do the same and help the less fortunate is Des Moines.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Another Crazy School Bus Driver

Another school bus driver under fire today in Michigan. A woman went to a bar and slammed down six beers and then went to pick up honor roll students to drop them off. A woman reported the bus driver. A drunk bus driver, what's next? These are the people we trust driving our children?

Monday, December 13, 2010

3 Year Old Kenny Wagar Was Left On A Freezing School Bus

Three year old Kenny Wagar was left on a freezing school bus for three ours strapped into a car seat.  The bus driver forget Kenny, who was supposed to be dropped off at a local church for an after-school program on Friday, December 3rd. School was dismissed at 12:15 for an early dismissal for the head start and elementary students, so little Kenny sat on the bus by himself for three hours. When Kenny's mother, Karen Wagar stopped by the church to pick up her son, he wasn't there. After calling the bus garage, they found poor little Kenny sitting in his own urine on the school bus. A Penn Yan school bus driver, Janet Lane has been suspended and charges have been filed against for child endangerment. Kenny's mother says, Kenny is afraid to get back on school bus. If I was him, I would be too.  It makes you wonder where some people's common sense is. Some school bus drivers have no business driving a bus for the schools.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wife Nearly Kills Her Husband Over The TV Remote

Deloris Holly stabbed her husband last week in St. Petersburg, Florida over the t.v. remote. Her husband, David Marion was watching Monday night football and she wanted to watch "The Closer". St. Petersburg police said Deloris got angry with her husband and ran in the kitchen and grabbed a 5" steak knife. Then she proceeded to stab her husband seven times. Stabbing him in the back of his head, face, shoulder and chest. Detectives on the case say she nearly killed him stabbing him with the knife so deeply she punctured his lung. The couple are newlyweds and have been married about five months. Now Deloris Holly is sitting in jail over the incident and is being charged with attempted murder. I guess a divorce is in her near future. I know some wives get frustrated during football season, but she took her frustration a little too far. I'm sure many women have threatened to kill their husband over their football obsession, but I guess Deloris was serious.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Republicans Are Holding The Americans On Unemployment Hostage

I think it's bullcrap the Republicans are holding the Americans on Unemployment hostage to get tax cuts for the wealthy. I understand compromising is how Bills get passed, but that is totally wrong to hold the Unemployment hostage to get what they want. People depend on their unemployment for survival. If they cut unemployment then how will people feed their families or pay their rent and mortgage? They will be out on the street with no way to support their families. However, no longer giving the wealthy tax cuts isn't going to put anyone out on the street. So, how can they compare the two? They talk about the government not having enough money to pay unemployment, then how then they afford to give tax cuts to the wealthy. It sounds a little hypocritical to me. Wouldn't no longer giving tax cuts to the wealthy generate more money for the US government? If they were hiring people and generating jobs for Americans with those tax cuts then this country wouldn't be in this mess and people would still be working. Obviously, they are sticking the extra money in their pockets and generating jobs for people in Mexico, China, India and etc. Creating jobs is the last thing they are doing with the money they are getting from tax breaks from the US government. Americans can starve to death and live on the streets, but God forbid cut into the pockets of the wealthy and that is a sin.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Elizabeth Edwards Dies At Age 61

(July 3, 1949 – December 7, 2010)

Elizabeth Edwards died Tuesday, December 7th with her family around her from her incurable breast cancer. Elizabeth Edwards was a strong women who didn't coward away from the public during her struggle with breast cancer or during her husband's paternity scandal.  Elizabeth Edwards is an icon and an inspiration for women. She was an crusader for cancer cures, best selling author, attorney and an advocate for health care reform.  

Monday, December 6, 2010

Children With Autism Get Left Out In The Cold Again

Our wonderful state of Michigan sat on a bill for 11 months to force insurance companies to pay for therapy for children with Autism and now the bill has expired.  Now these little kids are left out in the cold.  The bill has been passed in 23 other states and of course here in Michigan the insurance companies don't have to pay for therapy for Autism children. Autism is a medical decease and should be treated as one. Most insurance companies will pay for a breast reduction if your have problems with your back but won't pay for therapy for children with Autism because they claim it is too expensive and it is up to the schools to help the children. Schools are there to educate children not to treat our children and are not qualified to treat children with Autism.  Therapy for children with Autism has been proven to improve the child's symptoms of Autism giving them the opportunity to thrive. Children living with Autism should be given the opportunity to thrive and live a normal childhood. The ridiculous part about it is most people pay more into their insurance than they ever use and insurance companies are making a fortune off of us and are paying less with every year that passes. These children didn't ask to be born with Autism and their rights should be protected.

Extend Tax Cuts For The Wealthy?

As I was sitting here watching CNN this morning, they announce the Obama Administration is considering extending tax cuts for the wealthy.  What kind of bull shit is that? The Trickle Down Theory doesn't work.  When is the US government going to figure that out? The wealthy take their tax cuts and stick them in their fat wallets and continue to cut back on workers.  Since Bush created the tax cuts, over a million jobs have been sent overseas and America is out of work.  The whole point of creating the tax cut is to motivate companies to create more jobs and hire more employees.  Well, the opposite has happened. They want to create more jobs for Americans, then penalize these companies for sending our jobs overseas.  Impose a higher tax rate on the companies that manufacture overseas and the companies that send our customer service call centers to India.  Make it more affordable for them to employ Americans and less affordable for them to out source our jobs. For any products that is being shipped back into the US, the manufactures should have to pay a higher rate of taxes on those products being manufactured overseas and shipped back to the US for us to buy. Don't give them tax cuts for eliminating our jobs, force them to bring their companies back to the US by making them pay more taxes.  Their incentive should be paying less taxes for keeping the companies here and only the companies that have no manufacturing companies overseas should get tax cuts.

Barbie Video Girl

The new Barbie for Christmas is Matelle's Barbie Video Girl. As a parent I would think twice about buying the Barbie Video Girl for your little girl. It's a doll your daughter can make videos of herself with and then post them on and the website has video movie contests for your child to enter . The new Barbie Doll has been put on the FBI's watch list for pedophiles. This is a digital world and what your children knows about using a computer would surprise you. As a parent, you should always be aware of what you child is doing on the Internet.  Anyone can create a profile on and portray themselves as being a child, including a pedophile. The website also allows your child to chat on the website. Your child my think they are talking to another child, but they can talking to a pedophile. I would be a little sketchy about allowing my daughter to post videos of herself online. Once they are on the internet, they are on the internet forever and you never know who maybe watching them. Toys like the Video Barbie Doll is opening up new avenues for pedophiles and making it harder for us to protect our children.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Too Old For Christmas?

My son turned 11 years old this past November. He has suddenly become to old to help decorate for Christmas.  When we were decorating for Christmas on Wednesday, he announced that he is too old to help decorate and he no longer believes in Santa Clause. But, when I told him, "Okay, then I guess we don't have to buy you any presents for Christmas, since your too old for Christmas. He said, he's not too old for presents just too old to listen to that stupid Christmas music while your decorating and help decorate. He has suddenly become too old for a lot of things. However, it is cool to start watching Dora The Explorer again. Go figure.

Our Fate Rests In The Hands Of Politicians

I went to college so I wouldn't have to do shit jobs like the one I'm doing now just to attempt to help pay the bills. A few bad decisions made by politicians has changed our fate and quality of life for millions of people. Life is no longer what we knew it to be and we have no real control of what our future holds for us now. Our fate depends on the governments willingness and ability to bring about change to the economy.
I remember back in the days when you would watch movies about the future. They portrayed the future as being something dark where there are two classes, the wealthy and the poor with homeless people everywhere. Little did they know, they had a glimpse of the future. Maybe slightly dramatic to make the story line more interesting for the big screen. But, they were close to the reality of the near future. Crime has risen all around us, homelessness is up, millions of people are struggling just to pay their rent and buy food for their families. I have watched my property value of my home drop by almost half because of all the foreclosed homes around me. It's not even plausible to sell you home anymore because you will owe more on your mortgage than your home is worth. Things aren't hard enough and now congress wants to cut the income of 2 million more people by cutting their unemployment benefits. The government doesn't care about the fate of their own American citizens. They will let us burn just to keep their standard of lifestyle. Let me ask a question. Why hasn't anyone in the government been made to take pay cuts? They feel they are above the rest of us. They really don't care about what happens to the average American as long as their standard of life goes untouched.
When I got laid off, I thought... I will be fine and I will be back to work in six months. After all I have multiple degrees and skills. Little did I know the the economy would tank like it did. If things don't improve soon, we are looking at our future looking a whole lot more grim than it does right now.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

People are losing their minds...

Whenever unemployment and economic hardship is up, so is the number of violent crimes, murders and suicides. What is going on in Michigan? Three separate parents have killed their children in the last month or so . The third one is not confirmed, but they can't find the children. The children have been missing since Thanksgiving. So it's not looking good. First there was the woman her threw her baby against the wall and killed him. Then there was the man who scalded and drowned his two 1 year babies. Now, the man who has come up with several different stories about what has happened to his three boys. First they were given to a woman he had asked to return the boys to their mother, then supposedly they were in Ohio and now he is saying he killed them before attempting to hang himself. John Skelton has done something with his boys and refuses to tell the police where the boys are.
I will never understand how a parent can murder their own child. Whether you are unemployed, frustrated or angry it's no excuse for killing your own child. You need a license to drive, you need a permit to build a porch. But, anyone can have a child.

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