Wednesday, December 1, 2010

People are losing their minds...

Whenever unemployment and economic hardship is up, so is the number of violent crimes, murders and suicides. What is going on in Michigan? Three separate parents have killed their children in the last month or so . The third one is not confirmed, but they can't find the children. The children have been missing since Thanksgiving. So it's not looking good. First there was the woman her threw her baby against the wall and killed him. Then there was the man who scalded and drowned his two 1 year babies. Now, the man who has come up with several different stories about what has happened to his three boys. First they were given to a woman he had asked to return the boys to their mother, then supposedly they were in Ohio and now he is saying he killed them before attempting to hang himself. John Skelton has done something with his boys and refuses to tell the police where the boys are.
I will never understand how a parent can murder their own child. Whether you are unemployed, frustrated or angry it's no excuse for killing your own child. You need a license to drive, you need a permit to build a porch. But, anyone can have a child.

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