Saturday, January 29, 2011

No More Snow!

I absolutely hate grocery shopping when there's lots of snow on the ground. It just really ruines my day. You have to bundle up to go to the grocery store, so your uncomfortable as your going through the store. Then you have the struggle of pushing the cart through the snow in the parking lot and then drag the groceries in the house. Let's not forget all the snow that gets dragged in with the groceries. Then to the most dreaded part of shopping is putting everything away. It's time for mother nature to stop dumping all this white fluffy stuff on us.

Battle Over Closet Space

When me and my sweetie decided to get married, we built a custom closet by Ikea thinking it would be plenty of space for the two of us. Well, low and behold, I had no idea how many shoes and clothes he had. This wonderful man has more clothes and shoes than me and dominates the closet space. Keep in mind this closet is 8' long and goes all the way to the ceiling. In addition, we also have a normal size closet in the bedroom, which he dominates with his jerseys.
We custom built the closet so he would have a shoe rack for his shoes going down one side. It has three has hanging sections and a set of drawers. I have one hanging section and a small part of another section for my clothes. I am beginning to think the only way we are going to get enough space is to either buy a bigger house with more rooms or wait until my children leave the nest and take over one of their rooms for clothes.

Breakfast Soft Taco

Yesterday morning, I had some leftover vegetables from dinner the night before. Whenever I make tacos, I always cut too many veggies and have the leftover veggies that I hate to throw away. So, I decided to make some eggs with them. It was absolutely delicious.

Peel and pit your avocado, then dice it into squares.
Dice 1/2 of tomato.
Dice about a tablespoon of onion.
Put about a teaspoon of butter in a pan and add your vegetables. Saute the vegetables until they are fully cooked.
Squeeze one lime wedge on the cooked vegetables in the pan.
Scramble two eggs and add to the pan of vegetables. Then scramble and cook until the eggs are thoroughly cooked.
Add just a light dash of salt
In a separate pan slightly brown your corn tortilla on both sides.
Place your eggs in the tortilla and sprinkle with cheddar cheese
Serving size: Two Breakfast Soft Tacos

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