Monday, December 28, 2015

Iraqi Forces Take Back a Portion of Ramadi

Iraqi forces claim they have reclaimed Ramadi from the ISIS fighters. Despite sniper fire and suicide bombers, the Iraqi forces were able to reclaim the government building located in Ramadi. It was a string of victories for the Iraqi forces.

Joint Operations Command says,

“Yes, Ramadi city has been liberated and security forces, like the heroes of the counter terrorism forces, flew the Iraqi flag over the government compound building in Anbar. The flag is flying now to write a new history, and with the grace of God, the rest of the cities will be liberated.”

However, taking back the government landmark unfortunately, does not leave the city ISIS free. The building is only a small portion of the city located along the south western borders of the city. The center of the city still remains under ISIS control. 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Media Installing Fear in Americans

President Obama blames American's fear of ISIS, the black masks with ISIS flags on the media. The President implies the media is blowing up the situation with ISIS.

Should Americans fear ISIS? 9/11, the California attack and the Paris attack should open the eyes of Americans. The United States is not invincible to all the evils of the world.

 Knowledge is power. Being aware of our surroundings gives us the power to stop future ISIS attacks and ISIS supporters attacking our way of life. Knowledge brings awareness. The President wants to suggest, we have nothing to worry about. Ignoring the threats against Americans will make us vulnerable to attack.

You don't have to walk around in constant fear and building bunkers to be aware. Be aware of what is going on around the world and in our community. Ignoring what was going on around us, allowed Muslim extremist to build their cells in the United States.

Donald Trump is winning over the votes of Americans, because he vows to aggressively go after Islamic Extremist. Donald Trump is a smart business man, but I fear he lacks the knowledge and experience to fight ISIS.

Americans want a strong leader who represents the American people. Obama lacks the aggressive techniques needed in defeating ISIS. Not only does he lack the aggressive techniques needed to defeat ISIS, he lacks the want to defeat ISIS.

The media can be known for adding fuel to the fire of an already explosive situation. It is a balancing act, a person has to have the knowledge to intelligently formulate their own opinions on a situation.

Censoring the media removes our freedom of speech and removes our ability to gain knowledge of our surroundings, making us blind to the world. It is no secret that Obama has put pressure on the media and certain individuals who disagree with Obamaism.

Therefore, Obama is going to blame the media for any hysteria that may exist among the American people about ISIS. Rather than blame his lack of motivation to defeat ISIS. The lack of aggressiveness against ISIS makes Americans feel vulnerable to an attack fueling hysteria.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

2016 Presidential Candidates

The year 2016 is just a few days away and we are quickly approaching the 2016 Presidential election. The average American citizen is unaware of who are the contending Presidential candidates other than the two candidates who dominate the media, the republican candidate, Donald Trump and the democratic candidate, Hilary Clinton.

History will always repeat it's self. The presidential candidates focus on what we want to hear and dominate the media without actually answering the important questions. The candidates who are out there on the campaign trail trying to answer the important questions get very little media coverage. The media decides who will get the coverage and who will dominate the race.

The presidential elections are not about who is the best candidate, it is about who can dominate the media. Who is running for President in 2016?

Democratic Presidential Candidates
Hillary Clinton
Martin O'Malley
Bernie Sanders

Republican Presidential Candidates
Jeb Bush
Ben Carson
Chris Christie
Ted Cruz
Carly Fiorina

Jim Gilmore
Mike Huckabee
John Kasich
George Pataki

Rand Paul
Marco Rubio
Rick Santorum
Donald Trump

With access to the world wide web, it baffles me we still depend on the media to tell us who is worth voting for. We are a society that runs to the web for everything, but politics.  I found an interesting website, Inside Gov that allows you to compare the candidates by party and the issues that are relevant to you.

The information about the candidates are at your finger tips. It is time we claim our right as American Citizens to decide who will be the next President of the United States.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Taliban Suicide Bomber Kills 6 U.S Soldiers In Afghanistan Last Night

The UN is warning the Taliban is increasing their activity in Afghanistan and attempting to gain control over more Afghan areas that are under control by the Afghan military. The Taliban killed 6 Americans in Afghanistan and the Taliban is claiming responsibility for last night's terrorist attack on Twitter. Bagram's Air base is located in Kabal, being one of the largest air bases in located in Afghanistan.

A man on a motorcycle plowed into a joint patrol area that is under US/ Afghan control setting off an explosion killing 6 U.S. soldiers and wounding 3 Afghan police officers.

U.S Special Operations troops have been drawn back into the battlefield with Taliban troops now that the Taliban is making a major push to gain control of Helmand Province. Special Forces are on the ground and attempting to prevent the Taliban from gaining complete control over Helmand Province.

 Due to the increasing number of attacks by the Taliban, Obama has extended the stay of current troops into 2016. 

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Donald Trump for President

Donald Trump has successfully manipulated the poles. Americans are exhausted by Obama's antics and are screaming change. The United States successfully voted in the actor, Ronald Reagan. Why not a successful businessman?

Donald has successful dominated this upcoming election. The average citizens are not even aware of who is running for President besides Donald Trump and the corrupt Hillary Clinton. Clinton or any other candidate does not stand a chance against Trump.

The United States voted in the first African American President and are not willing to vote in the first woman as President. Especially, when the first woman candidate is Hillary Clinton. Americans feel that our country is falling apart. What will happen to us if Clinton is voted in? Obama already shows too much sympathy for our Islamic Extremist enemies and Americans are afraid of a repeat of the 9/11 or the now California attack. Clinton is known for her secret deals with our enemies.

The logic behind Donald Trump is Americans are confident that he is a Christian and he stands for the traditional American beliefs. Donald Trump is a smart business man who is living what used to be the American dream.

Americans fear Clinton will make secret deals with our enemies who threaten our core values and our way of life. In our society today, the American dream has been replaced with a poverty stricken society desperately trying to stay afloat and  fear our own safety from the Islamic Extremists. Americans are looking for someone who will aggressively go after the Extremists and take them out and someone who bring back what we used to know as the American dream. 

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