Monday, December 21, 2015

Taliban Suicide Bomber Kills 6 U.S Soldiers In Afghanistan Last Night

The UN is warning the Taliban is increasing their activity in Afghanistan and attempting to gain control over more Afghan areas that are under control by the Afghan military. The Taliban killed 6 Americans in Afghanistan and the Taliban is claiming responsibility for last night's terrorist attack on Twitter. Bagram's Air base is located in Kabal, being one of the largest air bases in located in Afghanistan.

A man on a motorcycle plowed into a joint patrol area that is under US/ Afghan control setting off an explosion killing 6 U.S. soldiers and wounding 3 Afghan police officers.

U.S Special Operations troops have been drawn back into the battlefield with Taliban troops now that the Taliban is making a major push to gain control of Helmand Province. Special Forces are on the ground and attempting to prevent the Taliban from gaining complete control over Helmand Province.

 Due to the increasing number of attacks by the Taliban, Obama has extended the stay of current troops into 2016. 

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