Thursday, April 8, 2010

God help me.... the joys of raising children.

What is it with the age 10?  Do children lose all common sense at the age of 10?  The age 10 seems to be the age they begin to think they are young adults.  They start talking back, they never want to be home, they would prefer to spend all their time with their friends and their parents become the enemies.  I know they are entering into puberty at that point, but how is it they all act the same unless you get lucky enough to get blessed with a child who is different. Once they turn 10, your sweet little child disappears and turns into a pubescent monster until they hit their twenties.  They are moody, arguementive and hate their parents. I have three children, my oldest just moved out and now I have my middle son who is becoming a 10 year old pubescent monster and his 9 year old sister is soon to follow.  If God has mercy on me, he will give me a break with that one.

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