Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sen. Jim Bunning votes no to unemployment extensions.

Sen. Jim Bunning has again blocked the Senate from extending unemployment benefits and health insurance subsidies for the jobless.  Republican Senator Bunning obviously doesn't understand the reality of the unemployment situation in the United States.  So, he is just going to vote no to extending unemployment benefits to Americans.  I am so tired of how so many are ready to jump in and help people in other countries.  What about helping people in our own damn country?  It's not like we are asking for hand outs. We worked hard and paid into unemployemt. People on unemployment have spent years paying into unemployment and deserve to get unemployment. I have been working since I was 15 years old and this is the first time I have been on unemployment in my life. I am sorry, after I have spent the last 24 years working and paying into unemployment, I am entitled to collect it when I am laid off.  Sen. Jim Bunning should have all his luxaries wripped from him, forced to live on unemployment with his family then have it taken from him and tell him to go work at McDonalds to support his family.  Too many people in the government is too used to their comfortable incomes & lifestyles and have forgotten what is like to live in the real world.  Sen. Jim Bunning needs a reality check.

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