Sunday, March 1, 2015

IRS Budget Cuts Will Reduce The Number Of Audits For The 2014 Tax Season

Budget cuts for the IRS is good news to some tax payers. Congress cut the IRS's budget by  1.3 billion since 2010, limiting the number of tax audits the IRS will be able to perform. Funny how tax cuts have been given to the IRS when Obama has approved for illegal immigrants to file and collect Earned Income Credit on 3 years of back returns.

In 2014, the number of tax audits will be reduced to less than 1%. The lowest number of tax audits since 2004. IRS Commissioner John Koskinen says, the number of audits will likely continue to decrease.

In a speech on Tuesday, February 24th,  Koskinen  says, the number of IRS agents have been reduced by 2,200 agents since 2010.

The IRS should start collecting some the money in back taxes some of their employees and Al Sharpton owe. 

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