Friday, January 9, 2015

The West On High Alert After New Terrorist Threats Surface

After the most recent attacks in Paris, I guess Obama can no longer deny the tragic events over the last three days in Paris was not terrorism. A member of the Al-Qaeda affiliate in Yemen told the Associated Press today, the massacre in Paris that killed 12 during the Charlie Hebdo Attack was "revenge for the honor" of Islam's Prophet Mohammed.

It is completely impossible to negotiate with Islamic Extremist. Islamic Extremist believe if they die committing Jihad, they will be guaranteed a place in heaven and any sin they have committed in the past will be forgiven. It is an honor for them to die during Jihad(holy war). The philosophy of Sharia is those who do not follow Sharia law shall be killed. Radical Islam has declared war on the West.

Obama for the second straight day has been focusing on his agenda, rather than the terrorist attack in Paris. Obama has briefly covered the attacks in Paris and failed to address how he plans to protect us from the same kind of attack happening in our own country.

It is a pretty scary thought we could be faced with another attack like the 9/11 Attacks. People in America get too comfortable with the feeling of being safe and think, it could never happen here. Well, it did happen here and can very well happen again. Since the 9/11 Attacks, there has been a rise in Islamic Extremist. Our President chooses to deny the reality that Islamic Extremists are at war with us. As in Paris, our country is full of homegrown Islamic Extremists leaving us wide open to attacks by homegrown terrorists.

Now the west has been put on high alert after new threats have been made by Al-Qaeda coming out of Syria and Yemen. Where is our President and why hasn't he addressed the threat against the West?

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