Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Palin Needs To Keep Her Mouth Shut

I know I may ruffle some feathers, but I really don't care. Sarah Palin needs to keep her mouth shut. No one knew about her before old man McCain picked her as a running mate. I'm no politcal know it all, but that was clearly a ruse if I ever saw one. She was brought on board to try and lock down the women's vote in the 2008 election. Everyone knows if Obama picked Hillary Clinton or if Clinton ran herself she wouldnt've even been thought of as a vice presidential candidate. Now she's pondering a run in 2012 and says that she could be Obama. I think she's delusional. Is her 15 minutes up yet, because I'm tired of being bombarded by her and her family.  


Michigan Schools Join The Fight Against Childhood Obesity

Coming November 25th Michigan schools are joining the fight against childhood obesity. Which I think is great. The schools are feeding our kids too much junk. Middle Schools and High Schools are worse than the elementary schools.  They give the kids too many options such as eating pizza and fries everyday. They're kids, if you give them options like that, they are going to go for the pizza and fries.  The schools also have fruit roll ups and candy bars for the kids to buy. Parents with kids who have ADHD are trying to keep the candy and sweets and dyes from our children. All the sugar and dyes make a child with ADHD bounce off the walls and then they give them the option of buying candy bars and fruit roll ups. When they can no longer control them they tell you to put your kid on Ritalin. They use the lame excuse, kids should be able to make healthy choices by the time they are in Middle School. But, tell me a kid or even a teenager who will pick the healthy choices over pizza, fries and candy bars and I will show you a pig that can fly. I don't necessarily agree banning cup cakes as part of the birthday celebration. It won't hurt them to have an occasional cup cake. But, if it means the schools will have to follow stricter guidelines for what they feed our kids. I guess I can live with it.

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