Sunday, December 21, 2014

Ismaaiyl Brinsley and the Murder of Two NYPD Officers Is A Huge Dent In Race Relations

Ismaaiyl Brinsley, this is who protesters are praising. A man who has been arrested 19 times. A man, his own mother feared. That is one of the many problems people in society who support the killings and beatings of innocent people bring to the victims of hate crimes. All the scum from the trenches rise up looking to be a hero. Ignorant people blame it on the police and say "oh well, they brought it on themselves." How is what they are doing any better than what they are accusing the police of doing? Is it really okay to murder innocent people? How would you feel if one of these men killed was your brother, father, son or husband? Whatever happened to innocent to proven guilty? 

Michael Brown was a guilty thug who was running from committing a robbery, he fought a police officer to keep from getting arrested and simply because Michael Brown is African American people are saying the police officer had no right to protect his life. Michael Brown committed a crime then society destroyed the life and career of a police officer. Then ignorant protesters who really don't even care about the life of Michael Brown or the majority of them are stirring up trouble getting innocent people killed. 

How is the racist acts they are calling the community to commit any different than what they are protesting against. They aren't , they are far worse. The racist acts they are calling out for people to commit are premeditated  murder. They are senseless acts of violence against innocent people that had nothing to do with the Michael Brown or Eric Garner case. Yes, black lives matter too. But, why do they matter more than white lives. Why should innocent people go to jail for defending themselves against ruthless criminals. Put yourself in the shoes of the police officer, if you had someone trying to injure or kill you, would you defend yourself? All of the protesting is supposed to be for equality, when really it is for special treatment. They are asking for criminals to be released or police officers to give up their lives just because of the race of the criminal. 

Racism is only going to get worse when white people are being killed or beaten for simply being white. Isn't that racism too? Yes, it is. The white race also experience racism and right now far worse than those who are crying racism. Nobody is going around committing violent crimes against African Americans simply based on the color of their skin. However, it is happening to the white race. 

People can not simply expect the white race to lay down and die just because, somebody says so. It's called empathy. In order to expect compassion and empathy, you must give compassion and empathy. All the protesting and senseless acts of violence are only taking race relations back to the 1960's, where there were serious race problems. Everything everyone has worked to build to bring equality is only dividing the races. Things are going to get far worse from here. Groups like the KKK are only going to get stronger and people are going to fight back. 

People like Al Sharpton are only using people like puppets to make him famous and wealthy. He is playing off the African American race as though they have no intelligence to make their own choices or to know the difference between  right or wrong. Then you end up with people like Ismaail Brinsley, who are criminals committing crimes against innocent people and making the entire African American race look bad, especially when the stand up and praise these criminals and the senseless acts of violence they commit against innocent people. I would not want someone like this represent any race. Senseless acts of violence is not going to solve the problem, it is only to throw fuel on to the race relations problem which has now been created. 

Far more African American crimes are committed against people of their own race than there are white on black crimes or those who claim police officers are committing crimes against the African American race. African Americans wouldn't want everyone to think the entire race is just like Ismaaiyl Brinsley. Therefore, don't lump everyone else their race. It's called racism! 

Celebrate the true heroes of the African American race. Celebrate the Harriet Tubman's of the world. Celebrate the everyday African American who works hard to build a life for themselves and their families. These are the real heroes of the African American race. 

Killing innocent police officers who are there to protect your children and your families against the real criminals is only going to hurt more innocent people. 

The Al Sharptons and Ismaaily Brinsleys of the world are only a disgrace to the African American race, because they only bring shame to the African American race. 

Sea of Blue Ribbon Campaign II

December 20- December 31st

Show your support for your local law enforcement. tie a blue ribbon on your house, around a tree or even on your car. 

Every 58 hours an officer dies in the line of duty. 71 officers died in the 911 attack. Police officers put their very lives on the line every day, making split second decisions. As wives, sisters, mothers and daughters of the men and women in blue, our campaign seeks only to say "We love you, we support you and please come home safely". On Saturday, December 20th, we are asking everyone that is a member of the force, a family member of the force, is the friend of a police officer, or has simply been helped at one time or another by a police officer to display a blue ribbon. Put it on your mailbox, deck rail, tree, etc. Many will be working on Christmas eve and Christmas Day, missing special moments with their children. They will be there for you when called. Please show our officers in blue how much we RESPECT and APPRECIATE their service and sacrifice.

Also visit the Facebook page hosted by Sea of Blue Ribbon Campaign

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