Saturday, March 3, 2012

Kicked From Mom Bloggers Club

I can't believe I just got kicked out of the Mom Bloggers Club. How totally ridiculous! This is the tweet that got me kicked, "Sinfully sexy lingerie to flatter your curves." Since when did lingerie become dirty? Working on your marriage and relationship is not dirty. When married women begin thinking sex and lingerie is dirty is when the marriages start going straight down the tubes. The divorce rate in the United States is 50%, the biggest complaint from husbands is their wives are no longer interested in having an intimate relationship with them. We have a higher divorce rate than other less conservative countries in the world. The problem in so many marriages is there are so many women who forget how to be a woman outside of running the kids to their activities and taking care of their family.

Lingerie is simply a way to express your pride in your body and your appreciation for the man you love. Lingerie is not dirty. All women should be proud of their bodies and not be ashamed to show your body to your husband. Women should show pride in their bodies and curves. I developed the site to cater to women of all sizes, because I feel that a woman should not feel ashamed of her body, no matter what the size. If I had a website on undergarments to suck in your body, I am sure I would have been suspended from the Mom Bloggers Club, because it's much better to be ashamed of your body and try to suck it in. At least according to the view of many. That view point is why so many women are ashamed of their bodies.

Having curves is what makes us women and we should not be ashamed of them. Sex wasn't dirty when you got married and made your children, it was simply a way to express your love for your husband. It doesn't mean your done working on your relationship just because you had children with your husband. Where is your relationship is going to be when all the children are grown. Being happy in your marriage is one of the key factors that makes a happy family. When children see their parents happy and in love with one another, it sets a positive role model for their children. Marriage is supposed to be showing your love for your partner and lingerie is just a tool to help couples have a healthy happy marriage.

I am proud of having a website that caters to all women of all shapes and sizes. I don't want the women who do not fit into the cookie cutter shape to feel ashamed of their bodies. They should be able to find lingerie that flatters their bodies. Erotic Passions Lingerie & Club Wear is my site and I'm proud of it. So, the Mom Bloggers Club can go back to burring their head back in the sand believing the only way for women to work on their relationships is by baking a pot roast or cookies.

80's Hairstyles Flash Back

You got to love the 80's. It was full of fun fashion, a time when people really knew how to make a fashion statement and stand out in a crowd. 

Kodak Moments

I had to get a picture of this. These two sleep like this every night. Sometimes I wonder if the Max knows he's a dog or if he thinks he is one of the kids.

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