Saturday, January 7, 2012

Football Widow Blog Hop

Football Widows Blog Hop

Hello fellow Football Widows, entertain yourself with a blog hop while your hubby sits comfortably on the the sofa with his remote in hand focused on the football game.
Join the Football Widow Blog Hop by clicking on the link and scrolling down to the bottom of the page to the blog hop for Sunday.
Enjoy your day!

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A Few Banned Words Of 2012

Baby Bump
Man Cave
Thanks In Advance

If they are no longer allowed to say man cave, is it going to be Papas Den?

A few words or phrases I think should be banned.

Epic (anything) - I hate that word. It is EXTREMELY over used by kids.
Are you serious?
Ahhh.... Cool - That phrase should have been left in the 80's.
Idiot- What's with kids over using the word idiot?
Awesome- People get offended if you say they are anything less than awesome.
Ditto- How did Ditto come back?
Boss- Not in reference to your boss. In reference to kids saying "That's so boss!" or "I'm so boss!"

Feel free to add to the list.

Just A Little Funny

My son comes upstairs and says "I put Max in bed". Max is the dog. So, I said "Okay, did you tuck him in?" He says, "how"? I told him, by making sure his blanket is straight for him and he is comfy. He went back downstairs to fix his blanket and make sure he was comfy. He is twelve and he believed me the dog needed to be tucked in. 

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