Sunday, November 20, 2016

Weird And Funny News November 2016

Ohio Cops: Woman Offered Sex For $50 and Some Nachos

BEAVER TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKBN) – A man and suspected prostitute were arrested near Los Gallos on Market Street during a sting involving an undercover officer.
Beaver Police said, 36-year-old Crystal Hotlosz, who had an ad for sex services on Youngstown’s Backpage website. Police said Hotlosz agreed to meet the officer at Los Gallos for a sex act at a price of $50 and some nachos.
Hotlosz was arrested and charged with solicitation and possession of criminal tools. Her driver, identified as Mark Robbins, was charged with promoting prostitution.

Deer Crashes College Cross-Country Race, Knocks Over Runner

Saturday's episode during the NCAA Division III Mideast Regional Cross Country Championships at DeSales University in Center Valley was captured on video.

Gwynedd Mercy University senior Justin DeLuzio was competing in the 8K race when someone yelled, "Watch out for the deer!" A deer struck him in the stomach, and he fell to the ground as more deer ran across the course.

Airport Malfunction Fills California Streets With Flame Retardant Foam

Best News Bloopers November 2016

Saturday, October 29, 2016

FBI Reopens Clinton Email Investigation

The FBI has reopened it's case against Hillary Clinton and the missing emails on her private server. The FBI would not reopen the case unless they have significant evidence to reopen the Clinton email investigation. 

Director Comey of the FBI says, he has new emails that are pertinent to the email investigation. Comey is reviewing new emails to see if they contain classified information. 

Wikileaks has now released a new batch of emails incriminating Hillary Clinton, Wikileaks has dumped some 30,000 emails giving a black eye to the Clinton campaign. 

If Hillary Clinton is elected, she will be the most corrupt person ever to be President of the United States. 

The FBI reopening the case against Hillary Clinton may bring a group of voters who are going to go out and vote for Trump in the upcoming election to keep Hillary Clinton from winning the 2016 Election. 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The 2016 Race for the White House

Here we are, only 16 days until the Presidential election. Neither candidate has been has focused on a secure plan for when they get into office. This election will go down in history as the biggest mud slinging bash. Both candidates has consistently failed to deliver a firm plan of what their goals are if they get into office. Clinton and Trump spend their time on the campaign trail bashing the other candidate and cleaning up the mud from their tarnished reputation.

This country is divided by a 50/50 divide with Hillary Clinton slightly ahead in the polls. The country has quickly spiraled downwards in the past 16 years beginning Bush, then with Obama and the great recession. People are tired losing jobs, dropping wages and the fading American dream.

The citizens of the United States want change. Clinton is a carbon copy of Obama and that will tarnish her chances of being elected.

Trump represents what Americans are tired of. Americans want our borders closed, tired of high taxes, job loss and our Constitutional rights being chipped away.

I  think that there are a group of closet voters who are supporting Trump behind closed doors, because they are afraid of publicly supporting Trump.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Obama Golfing During Louisiana Crisis

Where is Obama during the Louisiana flood crisis? Obama is on the golf course as usual. Obama will go down in history as the no show President.  

It appears as he as decided he is going to kick back and relax during his last year of Presidency. Obama has consistently vanished during a time of crisis, but offers his prayers

."As the president told Gov. Edwards over the weekend, the community of Baton Rouge has faced a difficult, even tragic, summer but can count on the ongoing prayers and unwavering support of the president and their fellow Americans in their time of need," Friedman said.  

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Presidential Hopefuls


July's Presidential Poles

Take a look at the latest polls. At this point, it is hard to say who is going to win this election. It is a fine line of balancing hope with change. Neither Trump or Clinton fall into either category.

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton
Clinton 49    Trump 51
Trump +2

Michigan: Trump vs. Clinton
Mitchell Research
Clinton 40    Trump 34
Clinton +6

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton
Rasmussen Reports
Clinton 42    Trump 43
Trump +1

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton
Clinton 40    Trump 36
Clinton +4

Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Clintons Cashing In On Big Money

A recent documentary, Clinton Cash follows the Clinton money trail and sheds light on how Hillary and Bill Clinton are cashing in on favors. The film shows exposes how the Clintons are getting paid for political favors, because they are known for walking the line of controversy. These people who are paying Bill Clinton $700,000 to speak when they weren't interested in paying him to speak before.

Hillary and Bill Clinton were broke in 2001. Now, they are millionaires and have raised 3 billion dollars for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

These people who are giving all this money to the Clintons have offers on her desk. They are getting favors, because they are looking for favors. What it all boils down to is Hillary and Bill Clinton are accepting bribes for political favors.


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