Thursday, December 11, 2014

Obama's kids school lunch compared to our kids school lunches

What the Obama's kids get for their school lunches at Sidwell School in Washington, D.C. (H/T Mad World News).







What our kids are being served as a school lunch.



Obama's repeatedly caught eating junk food. 

Can we say Hippocrates?

Monday, December 8, 2014

Racism in America

According to PolitiFact and the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics 93% of black crimes were committed by people of their own race. It is more rare for a African American to be killed by a police officer than by another African American.

In 1860, William Ellison was South Carolina's largest slave owners. Ellison was formally a slave and purchased land to start a cotton farm. Ellison was also guilty of slave breeding. Ellison felt the women slaves were little use to the farm and decided to breed and sell slaves.  Many of Ellison's slaves either ran away or attempted to run away due to his poor treatment. Slavery was wrong period, regardless of who did the enslaving.

What is also left out of the great slave debate that is used to add fuel to the fire of racism in America is Africa sold their citizens into the life of slavery. Indentured servants were white. Most of the indentured servants were paid very little and often died before paying off their debt. Therefore, slavery is a crime also committed against white Americans.

The recent death of Michael Brown has ignited a fire in the United States. Michael Brown was not an innocent victim. Why is an innocent person supposed to go to jail or just lay down and die, because he is white and the criminal is black. When a black police officer killed Dillon Taylor, a white criminal in Utah there was no protesting saying it was police violence. It was proven that Michael Brown punched the police officer and tried to take his gun. No matter who is standing there, if someone tries to kill you, you will defend yourself. Most the people protesting in Ferguson were not protesting because they cared about the life of Michael Brown, they saw it as an opportunity to commit crimes and get away with it. How does violence against innocent people justify the death of Michael Brown. Committing crimes against Non-African American citizens is not going to justify the death of Michael Brown? The people who race crimes are committed against are people who have nothing to do with the case of Michael Brown or are even racist. These crimes are not being committed against the KKK, they are being committed against innocent people. Violence only breeds violence.

Instead of protesting about the case of Michael Brown, protest and do something to change black on black crime.

Committing violent crimes against another race is racism regardless the race of the victim. The African American community should be against race motivated violent crimes. Racism breeds racism and will only divide the races. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

IRS Tax Document Controversy

Feds are refusing to release thousands of documents private IRS tax documents they shared with the White House. A non-profit IRS watch dog group called Cause of Action are suing the IRS for the information. The White House has violated our privacy rights to squeeze political oppositions before an election. 

Cause of Action filed a Freedom of Information Act against the IRS in 2012 asking the IRS turn over any private information related to the correspondence between the IRS and the White House about the requests on businesses and individuals. When the suit was filed, the IRS claimed they could not release the documents based on the restraints of the Internal Revenue code. However, a judge ruled the IRS must comply with the FOIA  request.

On Tuesday the TIGTA (Treasury Inspector of General Tax Information) wrote a letter to the Cause of Action Group, saying it can not release  of the 2.043 tax documents to the group due to it violates the tax code. 

“These pages consist of return information protected by 26 U.S.C. § 6103 and may not be disclosed absent an express statutory exception,” the letter said. “Because no such exception exists here, we are withholding those.”

By sending the letter to the Cause of Action Group, the TIGTA is essentially admitting the documents do in fact exist and the White House broken our privacy rights by requesting and receiving private tax information about businesses and individuals. 

Dan Epstein, a spokesman for the Cause of Action group says,: 

If there is any evidence that the White House requested (unauthorized taxpayer information), then people in the White House are going to be implicated,”

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Michelle Obama's Thesis From Princeton

Dinesh D'Souza
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These are not mere typos in Michelle's Princeton thesis; they reflect an estranged relationship with the English
The grammar is wrong; the tenses are garbled. People are ignorant "of" the plight of the lower class, not ignorant "to" their plight. And "desparation" should be spelled "desperation."

Michelle Obama's thesis she wrote while attending Princeton University was brought to light by Dinesh D'Souza. This is the First Lady of the United States? Her thesis is a far cry from something you would expect from a Princeton graduate. While attending Princeton University Michelle Obama majored in Sociology and minored in African American studies.
Michelle Obama's thesis is not only filled with spelling and grammatical errors, it brings light to her thinking and ideology pertaining to racial divide. In Michelle Obama's thesis she says, she will never become a full participant. Now, my problem with what she is saying in her thesis is, she will never become a full participant.  How can she not become a full participant while being the First Lady of the United States? How is it possible to have the best interest at heart of all Americans if you are not a full participant?
As the First Lady she should believe in the integration of whites and non-whites in the American culture. Without complete integration, a society will always be divided. Complete integration is necessary to achieve equal rights among all American citizens. 
Racism is not only a term used to describe racial inequality among the African American race. The term racism can be applied to any race, not just the against African Americans. 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

What Ferguson Protesters Did To A Slain Officer's Memorial

Jeremy Henwood was sitting in his cruiser while he was shot and killed. Officer Henwood was a decorated hero who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Just moments after buying a young man a meal at McDonald's who couldn't afford it was gunned down while sitting in his police cruiser. Protesters from a 2 local San Diego Ferguson Activists sent out this tweet and defaced his memorial. If someone did something like this to a Michael Brown memorial, they would burn down the United States. 

Officer Henwood was an honorable police officer while Michael Brown was ruthless bully. I highly doubt Michael Brown would buy a young boy lunch who couldn't afford it. Michael Brown tried to kill a cop over him stealing cigarillos. Every person who committed this crime against Officer Henwood's memorial should be arrested and charged. Where is the justice in doing something like this to an innocent's man's memorial who had absolutely nothing to do with the Michael Brown case. Police officers are human too and also have families. Dragging innocent people through the mud only shows the ignorance of Ferguson protesters. 


What is outrageous is that you have no respect for frustration some have with what police represent

Friday, November 28, 2014

Police Chief Edward Flynn Criticized By Ferguson Protesters and Reporters For Answering His Phone

Flynn was being accused of not caring about the issues surrounding the case of Michael Brown by talking on his phone during a meeting. Why is this little girls life not as important as a teenage boy committed a crime and tried to kill a police officer when he got caught by the police? 

It is time to get down to the real issues affecting the inner city communities. Michael Brown committed a crime and the protesters expect the Grand Jury to convict an innocent man who is out risking his life to serve and protect their community.  

Where are the protesters when innocent lives are being lost, because of thugs in their community killing innocent people? Most of people in Ferguson, Missouri protesting are not protesting because they care about what happened. They are out looting and robbing local businesses, because it is a opportunity to rob and destroy local businesses without going to jail. What do the local businesses have to do with the Michael Brown cases. The local businesses is what keeps their community alive. The protesters are destroying the livelihood of their own community. Most of those businesses are not going to be able to afford to rebuild their businesses or why would they want to rebuild their businesses in a community that has destroyed everything they have worked for over something they had nothing to do with. What about he innocent people who can not get to work or lose their jobs, because they can't get to work. Who is going to feed their families or pay their bills? 

Every day in the United States innocent children are brutally raped, beaten or murdered due to be caught in the middle of a crime. Nobody is out doing anything productive to stop crimes like this being committed against innocent children. 

As you watch the video, you can see tears forming in Officer Flynn's eyes as he talks about the little girl and crimes committed against the African Americans in his community. This is man who is being ridiculed for caring about the real crimes being committed in his community.  

Friday, November 21, 2014

Obama's Executive Order on Immigration

President Obama addressed the country last night announcing he is going to use his executive order powers to pass his Immigration Plan. During his speech, Obama claims our immigration laws are broken and this action will fix our current immigration problems. Obama tells illegal aliens, they can come out of the shadows and get right with the law.

Jose Antonio Varges

Jose Antonio Varges is an good example of how illegal aliens are breaking laws. Last night Jose Antonio Varges came out of the shadows on national television and talked about how this new amnesty plan will now give him the freedom to become an American citizen. Mr. Varges has lived in the United States since he was 12 years old by breaking numerous laws, Vargas has worked his way to the top to winning a Pulitzer Prize for his journalism by breaking laws. As an illegal alien, he illegally lived in the United States, lied to go to college here in the United States, evaded taxes, and broke numerous other laws to stay in the United States. The question I ask is, doesn't that make him a criminal? Thousands of illegal immigrants who committed violent criminals were released from prison back into our American society by Obama and were not deported. I, am currently in debt thousands of dollars, years later for my college education. However, Varges can get away with lying to go to college and get away with it.

Obama says, his executive order will not stick it to the middle class Americans, that is what he said about Obamacare. Read you pay stubs, Obamacare does stick to the middle class Americans. Middle class Americans who are already paying for private insurance are also paying a tax for Obamacare.

His executive order will stick it to middle-class Americans. 57% of immigrants currently collect welfare benefits middle-class Americans are already paying for. Obama, middle-class Americans can not afford to support another generation of immigrants, while our middle-class are struggling to survive just the same as Obama claims illegal aliens are currently doing to stay in the United States. Obama will do anything possible to help illegal immigrants stay, while the middle-class is paying for it and will continue to pay for it. Obama says, these illegal aliens will not be entitled to the same benefits as Americans, they have 3 years to do it right. What Obama fails to say is, these aliens will be entitled to these benefits after that 3 year period and possibly even before. Those immigrants who are issued a temporary green card are entitled to collect welfare benefits courtesy of the American taxpayers.

Americans are already struggling to find jobs. 4.5 million illegal aliens will take jobs from Americans who are already out of work and make it even harder to get jobs. Yes, some of these illegal aliens are children. Children grow up and this Executive Order on Immigration will take take jobs from Americans for generations to come.

I am not against immigration, but I feel immigrants should be forced to follow our immigration laws, come to the country the way they should and apply to stay just the same as immigrants who have  come to the United States in the past.

Obama claims, our current amnesty policy is a way of collecting votes. Obama's executive order on immigration is a way of collecting votes for the Democratic party for years to come.

Obama's executive order on immigration says, it's okay for you to break laws, we will pass a law to keep you from facing legal ramifications for breaking our laws and help you stay in the United States while other Americans would go to jail over breaking some of these same laws illegal immigrants break everyday.