Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Awful Customer Service Experience With T-Mobile

I thought I would share my most recent run in with call centers overseas. Christmas Eve I called T-Mobile to do some changes on my account. Well of course, someone I could barely understand and who could barely understand me answered the phone. It took me three phone calls and an hour later to accomplish what I needed done on my account. The people on the other end kept putting me on hold and disconnecting me and had no idea what they were doing. Not only did they have no idea what they were doing, they were having a hard time understanding me, like I was speaking a foreign language to them.

Finally on the third call, what I asked for was completed. So, I asked for a supervisor to complain about how the phone calls were conducted. After a few minutes, the girl comes back to the phone to tell me they don't have a supervisor available. I was expecting that one, they never seem to have supervisors available in those overseas call centers. So, I asked to be transferred to the corporate office in the United States. They did transfer me amazingly without disconnecting me this time and I complained about the awful customer service I received.

It really irritates me when I am calling customer service and it is such a struggle to understand the person on the other end and they have a difficult time understanding you. It makes you feel like your business means nothing to them, because saving money means more to them than your experience with their company. Every since all these big companies have started sending their call centers overseas, customer service has gone straight down the tubes. Not to mention, the thousands of people who have been put out of a job so these companies can send their call centers overseas to pay their employees and $1 an hour. Our American dollars are being spent to employ thousands of people overseas and possibly even millions of people overseas, while the American people are sitting here losing everything they own. Lets not forget customer service has gone straight down the tubes. There is no such thing as a valued customer anymore. They just want your money, they don't care if we are satisfied with our customer service experience.

It is no wonder, so many companies have security breeches and our personal information is hacked. These countries they are using and sharing our personal information with doesn't have the ability to pay for the same software as the United States or take the same security measures as a customer service call center in the United States would take.

I am asking that anytime, someone reaches an overseas call center complain and complain loudly. This isn't going to stop until we complain about it. Voice your opinion, you have that right. Write about it, do whatever it takes to get your voice heard. As a mommy blogger, you have the ability to reach thousands of people with your blog, your twitter, facebook, and all your different blogging communities and groups you belong to. Use the resources you have available and demand change.

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