Monday, February 28, 2011

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Does Charlie Sheen Ever Shut Up?

It is time for Charlie Sheen to button up his lips. He is ruining his career and greediness is just completely unattractive. Charlie Sheen appeared on the Today Show this morning and says he should get a 50% raise, the producers should be paying him $3 million dollars an episode to compensate for the stress he has had to put up with from the producers. Charlie is claiming he is underpaid and claiming "psychological distress." I am sorry, that is just completely ridiculous. Charlie is just looking for money to spend on his porn stars and drugs. He needs to check himself into rehab and get a grip on reality. Seeing him on the Today Show this morning, it is very apparent he is still on drugs, he's off the wall. If he keeps on this path of destruction, he is going to find himself a lonely broke man dreaming of porn stars and drugs.

Getting Over The Winter Blues

It is amazing how eating healthy and going to the gym can completely change your attitude. This morning I woke up feeling sluggish and really didn't feel like going anywhere. I was procrastinating, doing everything but getting to the gym. I forced myself to get up and get to the gym. Walking out to the car, I was looking at the snow and thinking, I am so sick of this crap and I so desperately wish it was spring. I felt so much better after going to the gym and my mood was lifted. I thought to myself, tomorrow is March 1st, just a few more weeks until spring is finally here.
Then I came home and made me a good salad with mixed greens and snow peas with a sun dried tomato vinaigrette dressing and a banana for desert. I would have to say, I am feeling much better now and ready for the day.

Rude Cashiers

There's nothing worse about going to the grocery store and not being able to use all the coupons you planned on and a rude cashier to top it off. Those coupons Kroger gives you where you get $3.00 off your next grocery bill, your only allowed to use one at a time even though it doesn't say so on the coupon. I had four on Saturday, one was for $3.00 off $15.00 in frozen food items and three were for $3.00 of your next shopping order. I was so proud of myself, I had a stack of coupons totalling around $30.00. Including one .50 cent coupon for the Colgate toothpaste that was on sale for .98 cents, when the coupon is doubled, the toothpaste was free. 

I hand the cashier the coupons and she begins inspecting the printable coupon and gives me a dirty look like I was handing her a fraudulent coupon. She begins scanning all the groceries looking annoyed there were so many groceries. When she is finished, she scans the coupons and hands me back the two coupons extra $3.00 coupons and says "you can't use all of these together. Only one coupon per shopping order." Okay, fine. Just change your tone is what I wanted to tell her. I just told her sorry, the coupon doesn't say you only use one.  So she says, Well, the computer is telling me you can't use them together. There was no bagger, so my husband and I were bagging our own groceries. Which I don't have a problem doing, just don't be rude when I am bagging my own groceries. We could have been one of those customers who just stands there and lets the cashier ring the order up and then bag it by herself. She didn't even help when she finished with the order or even say thank you for bagging the groceries. No have a nice day or nothing.

She acted like it was an annoyance we were there. After spending all that money on groceries, feeling like your a burden to checking out in her lane is the last thing you want to deal with in the grocery store. I understand they don't get paid very much to work there. But, that is the job they chose and I was trying to be polite and helpful. Be polite back. After all, I am the customer and without the customers they don't have a job.

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