Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

For the last two days on the news, there has been a buzz about how all the ugly Christmas Sweaters are running out of stock everywhere. Now I know people are losing their minds. Those unsightly Christmas sweaters were a dreaded present and now people are going crazy looking for them? Why? We didn't like them then, why is some people going crazy trying to find those old Christmas sweaters? Reminiscing is fun, but not fun enough to go on a massive search for one those dreaded sweaters and actually step out of the house wearing one. Then five years from now, people will be trying to throw away all those pictures of them in those unsightly Christmas sweaters.

But, then again I usually sway from the norm. I have never even been shopping on Black Friday and refuse to subject myself to the torture of standing in line for hours to get in the store, get run over in the stores and then stand in line again to check out. No thank you, I will stay snuggled warmly in my bed while thousands of people are standing in line at the stores exhausted and their feet killing them. I will stick to the original Christmas traditions of decorating, baking cookies and putting smiles on my children's faces as they unwrap their gifts under the tree.

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