Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Driver On Drugs Hits Drug Free Zone Sign And A House

If you look closely, you will notice she took the sign with her and it's sitting in front of the house. How Ironic is that?

According to the Melvindale police a driver on drugs was driving the wrong way on Outer Drive Friday night, hit a Drug Free School Zone sign and her vehicle went airborne after hitting the sign and she hit a house.

The police and a witness said,

"We saw a car come flying down Outer Drive the opposite way," said Terri Yost, who lives nearby and witnessed the crash. "She hit something over here and went airborne and flew into the house."

You know she is probably sitting in her cell thinking, somone is trying to tell her something and she hit a house and a Drug Free Zone sign while on drugs.

Seymour DARE Officer Arrested For Drunk Driving

John Newcomb, a DARE officer was arrested on Thursday for drunk driving. He was hauling the DARE trailer when he was arrested in Washington County, Ind. The arresting officer says, Newcomb's alcohol limit was twice the legal limit at 0.14 and he sideswiped a vehicle before running off the Road. I guess the DARE program didn't have any effect on him. Did he ever hear of "practice what your preach"?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Road Trip

We returned home yesterday from North Carolina. What used to be a trip I would fly is now a trip we drive, because airplane tickets for a family has gotten totally ridiculous. Twelve hours in a car with three kids and a dog is a rough ride. I would have left the dog at home with the neighbor, but Max has some anxiety issues. He loves riding in the car. He is definitely a rode trip dog. Especially, when he has the kids sitting with him. He enjoyed stopping at the rest stops and watching the pretty lady dogs in the dog walking area. The last hour of the trip, he insisted on sitting on my lap in the front seat. He amused the passing drivers as they were driving by, because he was sitting up in my lap like he was a person looking out the front and side window. I think after watching the kids hold the little dog all week, he thought people should hold him too.

Who ever thought sitting in a car would be so exhausting. Every couple of hours, the kids were asking "How much further until we get to Michigan?" At least my power was back on when I returned home. My cat was angry with us for leaving, even though my neighbor came over to let her out and feed her she peed on my couch where I usually sit to let me know she was displeased with me. But, she did bring me home a welcome home present today, a dead mouse at the back door.
My daughter fell in love with my mother's new puppy, Lexy. The two were inseparable. She walked around with Lexy wrapped in a blanket and showered her with attention. Lexy would wake her up in the morning. I'm sure she woke up this morning wandering where all the kids went to and was disappointed when she didn't find them.

Adam fell in love with the tree frogs and wanted to bring one home. But, we decided not to bring one home with us. The car ride with three kids and a dog might be a little much for a tree frog. That and Sasha Kitty likes to kill small prey and the frog would probably be first on her list. Some how, some way she would get to the frog, she is a determined little kitty when it comes to small things that move. He did take pictures, but he locked his phone up playing with it in the car. I needed to replace his phone anyway, because while he was down there he jumped in the swimming pool with his phone in his pocket. But, we did buy him and Sammy a Venus Fly Trap there, because he wanted one and they are native to South Carolina and North Carolina swamps. He had fun catching flies to feed the Fly Traps.

They both had a fun time at Carowinds and are begging to go back for Scarowinds. It was Adam's first time riding a roller coaster and Sammy our little dare devil couldn't get enough of the roller coasters. 
We did have a nice trip visiting my parents and hopefully we will make it back there again soon. It was nice getting away from Michigan for a week and the constant power outages we have been having and coming home to our power finally back on.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Without Power Again

Here I am sitting without power again. I had to use an extension cord just to get on for a few minutes to check my stuff, so my time is very limited. I don't want to get a power surge and crash my computer in case the power comes back on. We spent most of last week with out power and now our power has been out since Sunday. Apparently, there was a wire sparking down the street and our power went off again. They have a few houses blocked off with tape.
This entire mess is insane. I have really lost my patience with DTE Energy now. All of this is, because their lack of maintaining the power lines. The government should really crack down on DTE and make them maintain their power lines and if they don't them hit them with a big penalty. Can you imagine not being able to go in your house, because it's not safe. That is ridiculous! They are taking their time at getting over here to fix the power lines. They are putting people out on the street and they don't have to answer to anybody for it. We are supposed to hand over thousands of dollars a year to DTE and when the power goes out they can take their time fixing it. I'm sorry, but they are a bunch of jackasses.  It's not like we live in a third world country and energy is free. We have to pay big bucks for the service. In the winter time our gas and electric bill is almost as much as our mortgage and this is what we get for our money. Sitting in a hot house during a heat wave with no electric. Not for just a day or a few hours, we are talking about days without electric. Damn, I feel like I am sitting in a third world country. This is freaking insane.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rape Victim Arrested In Court

A woman in Detroit was arrested after testifying against her rapist this week and put in a holding cell near her alleged rapist. Apparently, the defense attorney was questioning her and was being very hard on her and the victim called her a "bitch". So, they threw her in a holding cell near her a alleged rapist for three days and he spent his time antagonizing her and trying to intimidate her. He told her, she better hope they find him guilty or they may find her floating down the Detroit River. The victim was held hostage, raped and beaten over a couple of days. She is terrified of her rapist and the dumb asses stick her in a holding cell by her alleged rapist. How stupid and ignorant can they be? I think some police officers have been officers so long they have become insensitive to the victim. Everyone involved in putting her next to her attacker should be fired. He should not have had the opportunity to threaten her. He had three long days to antagonize and threaten her, they made her relive the nightmare for three days. They stood by and allowed him to rape her all over again.
We all know defense attorneys can be very hard on the victim. Someone who has experienced something like that and then forced to sit there in the same room with their attacker is hard enough and some defense attorneys push the victim too far. It's understandable with her being under that kind of stress that she may lose her patience with the defense attorney. If the judge had done their job and kept the attorney from pushing her too far the situation would have never happened. There are a lot of people at fault in this case. But, the victim is the last person who should been punished. Sometimes, the victim is put under more scrutiny than the criminal.

Michigan's New Antihistamine Laws

Michigan just signed a bill requiring people who buy antihistamines will be registered into a law enforcement data base every time they buy an antihistamine. I don't have a problem showing ID when I buy allergy medicine. Adding people to a law enforcement database is just taking things too far. Our household goes through a lot of allergy medicine. We have three people and the dog who all have seasonal allergies. We buy a lot of allergy medicine every month. I don't want to be questioned by law enforcement about how much allergy medicine we buy. There are bigger fish to fry than how much allergy medicine someone is buying. I know why they are imposing laws on antihistamines, but leave it to the stores to report someone who is attempting to buy an excessive amount of antihistamines. There is a limit on how much you can and you have to show ID when buying certain medicines, it's not stopping anything. The people who are using them to make drugs with most likely aren't buying the medicine, they are probably stealing the medicine, because they can't buy enough of what they need to make drugs with.
More people are injured or killed a year from drinking and driving than any other drug. The funny thing about it is, they don't put as much effort into busting drunk drivers. Drunk drivers scare me, because it is usually the innocent who get hurt from someone else being irresponsible. Investing money to put peoples names in the criminal law database is a waste of money. Keeping a limit on how many you buy and requiring identification is the way to weed out people who were buying cold and allergy medicines to make drugs. Innocent people will probably be the ones questioned, because those who do use them to make drugs will just steal the medicines to keep their names out of the data base.
Why don't they take that money they are going to spend to set up and maintain the data base and give the money to the local law enforcement to bust the real criminals and bump up cracking down on drunk drivers? The government wastes too much time and money on the wrong problems and the problems they do need to crack down on get ignored. It's time for the government to get their priorities straight.

Friday, July 15, 2011

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Power Outage

Well, the posts are lacking again. Except for this time it's not due to my laziness to get on here and write. Rather, it's due to a major power outage here in southeastern Michigan. Our house only has partial power. How strange is that one? We only have power on one wall in our house due to a fuse that has blown underground. I needed to get online to do a few things, so I had to run an extension cord to use my computer for a brief period. We have not had power since Monday afternoon. DTE was saying our power would be back up by 11:30 p.m. Monday night, but it hasn't happened yet. Now, when I called DTE again this morning they don't have a date or time the power will be back up.

A bad storm hit Monday afternoon knocking down power lines and blowing underground fuses causing 50,000 customers to be without power. I guess, I can consider myself one of the lucky ones. I have partial power where as some people have no power what so ever. I wasn't feeling so lucky last night laying there in bed when it was still 83 degrees at 11 pm and no central air.
I am trying to respond to comments on my phone, but there is only so much I can do on my phone and blogger doesn't always want to work on my phone.
There is one positive aspect to the power outage. My house is cleaner, because I get bored and start cleaning more. I find myself sitting there and I'm spotting things that could use a scrub down, because I have nothing better to do with my time. A little light when on in my head yesterday, I suddenly figured out why it seems like my house used to be cleaner years ago. It's because I didn't have a computer in my home. My house isn't dirty. But, it takes me longer to do my spring cleaning every year. Yesterday, I found myself moving furniture to clean under them and washing walls and baseboards.
Thank God, the kids are in North Carolina visiting my parents, because they would be driving me crazy this week with "I'm bored, there's nothing for me to do."

Monday, July 11, 2011

Casey Anthony, What Will She Do Next?

Rumor has it Lifetime has offered Casey Anthony $2 million dollars for her story. Not only has she been found not guilty, she is going to walk away from this a millionaire. Lifetime denies offering her 2 million dollars for her story. But, can you believe Lifetime would walk away from this movie deal? I have a hard time believing that they haven't offered her a movie deal. I am sure she will get a book deal or a movie deal for her story. The media really isn't concerned with morals or making her rich to get her story. It's about being the first one to get her story and making money. There should be  law prohibiting people like Casey Anthony and other people who have committed a crime from  money off their story. If she does get a movie deal the money should go to  the Missing Children Foundations.

At the very least Casey Anthony should have been charged with child neglect, child endangerment, manslaughter and failing to report her daughter missing in a reasonable amount of time. If any of my children went missing, I would go directly to the police and I would drive them insane until they found my child. I would be searching high and low to find my child. I know most parents would not lie about what happened to their child and would do everything in their power to find them. Calee's life can't be brought back and the judicial system failed to protect her rights and punish her mother for failing to protect her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee. I don't understand how Casey  was only charged with lieing to the police. It's a shame Casey got away with time served and will be out of prison next week.


Lady Gaga's Most Outrageous Fashion Moments

Lady Gaga's Most Outrageous Fashion Moments. What will she think of next?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Word of the Day

Geliophobia- Fear of laughter.

Can you imagine being around someone who has a fear of laughter. If you laughed they would freak. How do they fix that fear, with tickle therapy?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Funny Phrases Our Parents Used To Say

Do you ever find yourself saying the same things to your kids that your mother said to you as a kid? When they said them to you, you just looked at them dumbfounded thinking about what they just said, thinking "What does that mean?" Then all of a sudden when you grow up and have children, a light bulb comes on and it all begins to make sense. Now, you find the same phrases popping out of your mouth. Maybe not all of them, you're still trying to figure out what some of them mean.

1. Your getting too big for your britches.
2. Your daddy isn't a glass maker.
3. Tables were made for glasses not for asses.
4. What do think? I'm the First National Bank?
5. You kids can drive an iron man crazy?
6. If your friend jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?
7. Your eyes are bigger than your stomach.
8. I hope your kids grow up to be just like you.
9. You see these grey hairs, everyone of you kids have your name on them.
10. You'll be sorry when I'm dead.
11. You kids are putting me in the mad house.
12. Because, I said so.
13. Do as I say, not as I do.
14. Life isn't always fair.
15. It takes two to tango.
16. Don't count your chickens until they've hatched.
17. You made your bed now lie in it.
18. You have two legs, get it yourself.
19. That's what God gave you legs for, now use them.
20. If you had brains you'd be dangerous.
21. Don't make me come over there.
22. If I get up, you'll be sorry.
23. Do you want me to stop this car?
24. I brought you into this world and I can take you out.
25. If you've seen one, you've seen them all.
26. You kids are driving me up the wall.
27. Get a job, then you can buy what you want.
28. One day your going to eat those words.
29. You'll be sorry when your dad gets home.
30. I'm watching you.
31. I have eyes in the back of my head.
32. You see this? This is the world's smallest violin.
33. Eat your dinner, because there are children starving in Africa.
34. What? Were you born in a barn?
35. Your the milk man's baby.
36. Your crusin for a bruisin.
37. What do you think? Money grows on trees?
38. I have a bone to pick with you.
39. Never let your mouth write a check that your ass can't cash.
40. I wish they made a remote for children that had a mute button.
41. Your ass sucks buttermilk too?
42. Ha, I caught you red handed.
43. Your going to put me in my grave before you grow up.
44. You must have been switched at birth, because you can't be my kid.
45. Your gonna shit and fall back in it.
46. Do you want to live to be 18?

And the list goes on.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wacky Wednesday's Crazy Pics

Now, this is what you can call a team effort.
"Yeah, hon. I worked real hard today.

Hey Rover, can I eat please?

...And they think people want to buy their cameras from the devils spawn.

He will never live this photo down.

If you hit that tree, your an idiot.

I don't think it takes a genious to figure that one out.

Is this their way of saying Coke has gone straight to the shitter?

This may be the last time he tries to fix the line on his own again.

Oh shit, Did I do that?

Going through the drive through window is never a good idea while driving construction equipment.

A lesson to live by.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Father & Daughter

Father & Daughter

© Heather Twining

The bond between father and daughter happens instantly, starting right at birth,

When a father first lays eyes on his little girl he loves her more than anything on this earth,

When a daughter grows older her father is the first man she will love,

And the last one her father will have trouble letting go of,

In her eyes he is the closest thing to God, in her eyes he is a King,

To her father she means the world, she means everything.

When a daughter grows up to be an adult and mature,

Her father will always be there anytime she still needs dad to help her,

To give her advice or just-for anything she will ever need,

The bond between father and daughter is the most important bond indeed,

It cannot be broken when she finds a man, and become his wife,

It cannot be broken even in the ending of either ones life,

A daughter will always have the memories of her father, her best friend

This bond has a beginning, but there is never an end.

The bond between a father and daughter is so profound

The love shared is well renowned,

From the beginning of his daughters life, he is a changed man,

At that moment his life really just began.

From the moment their eyes meet,

two souls instantly become complete.

"I love you, Daddy"

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