Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rape Victim Arrested In Court

A woman in Detroit was arrested after testifying against her rapist this week and put in a holding cell near her alleged rapist. Apparently, the defense attorney was questioning her and was being very hard on her and the victim called her a "bitch". So, they threw her in a holding cell near her a alleged rapist for three days and he spent his time antagonizing her and trying to intimidate her. He told her, she better hope they find him guilty or they may find her floating down the Detroit River. The victim was held hostage, raped and beaten over a couple of days. She is terrified of her rapist and the dumb asses stick her in a holding cell by her alleged rapist. How stupid and ignorant can they be? I think some police officers have been officers so long they have become insensitive to the victim. Everyone involved in putting her next to her attacker should be fired. He should not have had the opportunity to threaten her. He had three long days to antagonize and threaten her, they made her relive the nightmare for three days. They stood by and allowed him to rape her all over again.
We all know defense attorneys can be very hard on the victim. Someone who has experienced something like that and then forced to sit there in the same room with their attacker is hard enough and some defense attorneys push the victim too far. It's understandable with her being under that kind of stress that she may lose her patience with the defense attorney. If the judge had done their job and kept the attorney from pushing her too far the situation would have never happened. There are a lot of people at fault in this case. But, the victim is the last person who should been punished. Sometimes, the victim is put under more scrutiny than the criminal.


  1. this is sickening ! dont you agree, i mean if i were raped and kidnapped it would be really difficult for me to go to court and to then be pushed to extremes by someone working for the court, supossingly bringing 'justice' is just awful and 3 days in jail for calling her a bitch ? wow thats a bit exsessive. i think she should recive compensation and a good old apology for how she was treated !!

  2. It is sickening. I agree with you. The attourny shouldnt have pushed her that far.

  3. Just wow - I don't even know how anyone can feel ok with it all.

  4. I dont know either. But, something needs to be done to make sure something like that doesn't happen again. They should have been more sensitive to her. She was held in a abandon house and was tortured and raped for almost three days before escaping.


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