Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The emotions are running high in June

June has been an eventful month for me already and it's not over yet.  My daughter graduated from high school, my son graduated from the 5th grade, my youngest was in a pageant and my husband and I are trying to restore our marriage.  It has been a very emotional month.  I have had to realize my children are growing up! Does it all have to happen at once?  I don't feel like I am old enough to have a daughter who has graduated from high school. Wow, to think my two youngest will be teenagers before I know it.  I'm not ready for my son to be going into middle school. Even though, he is ready. I think he thinks he is ready to be 18 already. Except when it comes to household chores, he's still 10. My little girl ran for Miss Junior Melvindale, she looked  so mature in her floor length pageant dress and her make up. It was scary, it was like a glimpse into the future and the high school prom. My marriage, all I can say is "wow" that has been an emotional time. You never realize how much you have missed someone until the anger subsides and you are back with them We are hoping for the best, let's hope things work out this time I don't know if I can take it if my trust is broken again. I may decide to switch to the other side and lose all faith in men. But, for now I am working on healing a broken heart.

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