Monday, February 2, 2015

ISIS Now Sending 15 Year Old Boys To The Battle Field

Apparently, ISIS is running out of recruits. ISIS is now sending young boys as young as 15 years of age to fight in the battle field. That is the point to raise a generation of young brutal children to continue on the ISIS ideology, ensuring the future of Sharia Law. As seen in the video below, children are forced to join the camp or fear the threat of the children and their parents to be killed.

ISIS uses fear tactics and expose the children to brutal murders installing  intense fear into these children and their families. Leaving them no choice, but to participate in the training camps. With the use of fear, ISIS brain washes the children to fight for Sharia Law from as young as age 5.

ISIS is building momentum and becoming more aggressive in their push to enforce Sharia Law. The fighters you see today are some of these children raised in these camps. There is no undoing the damage that has already been done to these children. These children have grown to become machines for ISIS. There is no other way of life for these fighters. They would rather die for the cause then surrender to those who are sinners.

These children have little to no education and are raised to murder and slaughter all those who violate Sharia Law. ISIS is trying to build a state and if they successfully build a state, it will give them the power they need to take over other states spreading their ideology. ISIS is brutal group who will kill Muslims, Christians and all non-believers. 

Obama's concern over being politically correct so no one is offended is insane. ISIS is not concerned with our rights or if they offend us. Their goal is to kill all non-believers. There is no rationalizing or sympathizing with ISIS. They feel we are sinners and it is their mission and are obligated is to destroy and kill all sinners in the name of Allah. 

The intent of ISIS can no longer questioned. They have already displayed their clear intent. ISIS has already gained control of areas in Iraq and Syria. As seen with Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden and Al-Quida gain control, their is compromising without killing them and destroying their regime. 

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