Friday, January 2, 2015

New Zealand ISIS Fighter Reveals His Locations In His Tweets

Courtesy of Mark Taylor, we also have a great picture of what
he currently looks like.

An ISIS fighter apparently forgot to turn off geo-location tracking and was revealing his locations in Syria with every tweet he tweeted, reported by Guardian. The ISIS fighter named Mark Taylor, also known as Abu Abdul-Rahman revealed a house where his was staying in December known as Al-Taqbah. Taylor realized he was leaving a trail of his locations with his tweets and deleted 45 of his tweets. Twitter did close his account once they realized Taylor was on the terrorist watch list and was posting tweets.

Brilliant Taylor was also bold enough to burn his New Zealand passport on Facebook and rumor has it, he is trying to get a new passport. 

Taylor also posted YouTube videos saying, he was staying in Syria talking about his commitment is to Jihad for Allah. “My current location is in Syria and my commitment is for jihad for Allah, and his Messenger,” 

Taylor apparently isn't the only ISIS fight who isn't too brilliant and accidentally posted their location on social media from the battle field. ISIS fighters from Canada, France and other western countries have made the same mistake on their social media accounts. 

Who would of thought social media would be an essential tool in tracking down ISIS fighters? I guess people will never learn. Their need to be a star on social media is just too overwhelming for some people.  For some people fame is like crack. 

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