Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Love Hop


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A Case Of Bullying

Little did I know my son was a victim of some bullies in his school. I just found this out yesterday, as I hear screaming in my front yard and my son comes running through the door. Well, I do know now and there is going to be a lot of people who is going to wish I didn't, because I am not the type of parent who is going to sit around and do nothing. This has been going on since last year and he never told me. Apparently, he says he told the principal last year in elementary school and they never did anything. He is in middle school now and it is still going on. This time he told me because these kids took it a little too far. They were calling him names on the bus and throwing pencils and objects at him. Then when they got off the bus, one of them followed my son right up to the door throwing snow balls at him and threatened to beat him up. The crazy thing about it is, the bus driver didn't do anything about it. This is the same irresponsible driver who drove right past the bus stop at the beginning of the year, leaving the kids standing there. So, I called the school principal yesterday as soon as he told me and gave her the names of the boy and two girls and told her about the bus driver. She gave me the name and number of the bus driver's supervisor and I called reported her. Heads are going to roll Monday morning, because I am taking him to the school and I am going to make sure something is done about it this time. I am laid off from work right now and I have nothing better to do with my time. I will go down to that school and sit in the office until something is done about it, because I will not allow this to continue on for one more day. My next step is that if this happens again when he gets off the bus is to call the police and have charges filed against the boy and the two girls. I don't care of they are only 11, they are old enough to be held accountable for their behavior and I will make sure it happens. I am his mother and if I don't look out for my son's well being then who will? Nobody but me and my husband. We already know the bus driver isn't doing her job. So, she won't. If I have to go to the news over this, I will. I will make sure the driver and the students are made an example of for their poor choices. I don't question why the man who went on to a school bus to talk to the boys who were harassing his daughter did it. If the schools aren't doing anything what is a parent to do? I definitely wanted to confront these kids yesterday as they were running across the street when they saw me. But, I told myself, I will give the school an opportunity to take care of it.

There are a lot of problems on the corner with kids fighting as they get off the bus, whether it be with the middle school kids or the high school kids. It is time for this bullshit to stop. I have broke up too many fights on the corner. I am just going to start calling the police on these kids. One of the fights I broke up three boys had a boy on the ground in the street and were kicking him and punching him. The funny thing is, I don't live in a bad neighborhood. The biggest problem is kids fighting and stealing. I don't have a problem yelling at kids fighting in the street. I'm not going to stand by and watch some innocent kid get bullied or beat up on. Especially, when it comes to my own son. I'm am tired of this kind of stuff going on. So, I guess it is time to take further steps in preventing it going on in my own neighborhood.

The Knock Out Game

Kids have really gone and lost their minds now. Teenagers come up with the stupidest things to do and it only gets worse as time goes on because, they run out of ideas. So they just come up with something more stupid to do. Teenagers are playing the Knock Out game. The game started a couple of years ago, but it is now picking up speed as more and more teenagers are posting videos of themselves playing the Knock Out Game on YouTube and their social networking sites. The goal is to hit someone hard enough to knock them out. They play it among themselves, but they are also playing it in the street against unsuspecting victims. One boy was attacked on the street by 5 teenage boys playing the game and ended up with severe bruising on his brain and the 5 teenage boys were charged.  It is insane what they are doing. Can you imagine one of your children being an unsuspecting victim of the Knock Out Game? I wouldn't care if they were teenagers, I would make sure they were prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Because, they are old enough to know better than to do something stupid like that and should put more energy into using their brains instead of focusing so much time trying to cool and act stupid. Innocent victims are the ones who have to pay the price for their stupidity. That boy could have died and they would all be sitting there looking at murder charges. Here is one example of the Knock Out game I found on YouTube.

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