Thursday, July 31, 2014

Angry U.S. soldiers stated that they were told not to eat or drink in front of Muslims during the month of Ramadan

According to Fox News, angry U.S. soldiers stated that they were told not to eat or drink in front of Muslims during the month of Ramadan. An email was sent by Bridge Commander Col. Kevin Glasz with express instructions “encouraging” this “simple, yet respectful gesture.”
“This is a period of great personal restraint and commitment in addition to renewed focus on worship. I’d like to encourage you to learn just a little more about this religion, but more importantly, I’m asking you to be considerate and do not consume food or drink in front of our Muslim colleagues; it is a simple, yet respectful action."
This is an outrage! Our soldiers are being asked to respect  and learn more about the Muslim religion and not eat or drink in front of the Muslims during Ramadan. Ramadan just ended, but it still angers me. In the United States, no one is made to respect the Christian Religion. Christians have been forced to hide their religion and we live in the United States.  We are the only country in the world that forces our citizens and soldiers to hide our religious beliefs in fear of offending other Non-Christians. Our soldiers, need to hold on to their own religious beliefs to give them the strength and courage to keep going and to continue fighting for our freedom. 
In the United States, they are removing any christian practices from our schools, our sporting events and in public places. However, we are made to respect other religions. Most schools no longer recite the pledge of allegiance or singing the national anthem at sporting events has even been removed some events. Our constitution was based on the Christian religious beliefs. 
It is unfair and unconstitutional to expect our soldiers to participate in other religious beliefs in the presence of Muslims. 
What about our rights to practice our religions? No one is asked to respect Christianity in our own country. 

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