Friday, November 28, 2014

Police Chief Edward Flynn Criticized By Ferguson Protesters and Reporters For Answering His Phone

Flynn was being accused of not caring about the issues surrounding the case of Michael Brown by talking on his phone during a meeting. Why is this little girls life not as important as a teenage boy committed a crime and tried to kill a police officer when he got caught by the police? 

It is time to get down to the real issues affecting the inner city communities. Michael Brown committed a crime and the protesters expect the Grand Jury to convict an innocent man who is out risking his life to serve and protect their community.  

Where are the protesters when innocent lives are being lost, because of thugs in their community killing innocent people? Most of people in Ferguson, Missouri protesting are not protesting because they care about what happened. They are out looting and robbing local businesses, because it is a opportunity to rob and destroy local businesses without going to jail. What do the local businesses have to do with the Michael Brown cases. The local businesses is what keeps their community alive. The protesters are destroying the livelihood of their own community. Most of those businesses are not going to be able to afford to rebuild their businesses or why would they want to rebuild their businesses in a community that has destroyed everything they have worked for over something they had nothing to do with. What about he innocent people who can not get to work or lose their jobs, because they can't get to work. Who is going to feed their families or pay their bills? 

Every day in the United States innocent children are brutally raped, beaten or murdered due to be caught in the middle of a crime. Nobody is out doing anything productive to stop crimes like this being committed against innocent children. 

As you watch the video, you can see tears forming in Officer Flynn's eyes as he talks about the little girl and crimes committed against the African Americans in his community. This is man who is being ridiculed for caring about the real crimes being committed in his community.  

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