Friday, February 4, 2011

No Privacy

Is it just me or do moms have very little privacy? I swear every time I go to the bathroom or the bedroom to change they always have something to say to me or ask me. Let me knock on the door while they are changing and they scream "I'm changing!" Everything is so urgent and can't wait until I come out. When do they grow out of that? My teenager still to this day comes and talks to me through the bathroom door. Even the cat and dog seem to have a problem with me going into a room and closing the door. When I'm in the bathroom the cat for some unknown reason pushes the door open and comes in. Mr. Max won't come in the bathroom though, he's probably afraid someone will give him a bath if he does. But, the dog jumps on the bedroom door and opens it when the door is shut. I was in my room changing today, standing there practically naked and here comes the dog and pushes the door open and flops down on the bed. He has even done that when my husband and I were in the bedroom having a little fun. Then all of sudden here comes the dog bursting through the door and stands next to bed staring at us or goes over and lays down on the floor. Talk about no ruining the moment. Did the animals learn that from the kids? Maybe some day I will get my privacy back, but until then there's no privacy around here.

Redneck Fixer Ups

No pun intended, I have family from the south and love my heritage. But, it is funny!

He found one way to beat the heat.

His lock is broke, but he is determined to make sure no one gets in his car.

I wonder if they ever heard of a dish towel?

A pink towel to block the hole & hot glue to make sure it stays. We have to give him an A for effort.

He says "Damnit, I will make my own faucet."

Would this actually work???

Nice head light!

Look out Tom Sawyer, here they come.

Shit, when all else fails, duck tape it.

Okay, this is just dumb.

Hmmm... creative.

That just looks down right scary.

Bringing The Love Back

Many people in their daily grind forget to flatter their partner. We get busy with all our daily tasks and work and by the time the two of you come together in the evening your both exhausted. Then your partner in life becomes more of a room mate rather than your spouse and you begin to lose touch with one another. Not feeling like you have interest in your partner anymore is one of the number one reasons a marriage fails. When you think of your partner, remember why you fell in love with them. Try to focus on the things you love about them, not that they forgot to take the trash out. Be sure to compliment your partner as often as possible. After years of being in a relationship we forget to compliment our partner. Don't leave your partner feeling like they are no longer attractive to you. When your spouse begins to feel like you are no longer physically attracted to them and your not giving them the attention they need, that is when they will turn to someone else to fulfill their needs. That is the exact opposite of what we want. So, put your pride aside and give them the attention and love they need to be happy. You will be surprised of the results. We all know how to get into a relationship, but we forget the important things we need to do to stay in a relationship.

*Show your spouse you truly genuinely care about them.

*Pay attention to them when they are speaking to you and be an active listener.

*Keep the lines of communication open- always let your spouse know how you are feeling. Constructively communicate with them without lashing out is the key.

*Talk to them, not at them and deal with the issue at hand.

*Leave the past in the past where it belongs.

*Leave each other little notes somewhere, just simply saying "I love you."

*Have fun with texting one another. Once your the little buzz in the pocket, you may be the little buzz  somewhere else.

*Never let your spouse feel as though they need to turn to someone else for emotional support.

*Always have fun together. Goof around and laugh a little. You will enjoy the time you spend together a lot more.

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