Saturday, January 9, 2016

Man Inspired by ISIS To Assassinate A Philadelphia Police Officer (Video)

31 year old Edward Archer confessed he attacked Jesse Harnett, because  he was inspired by Islam to assassinate the Philadelphia police officer on January 8th. Archer pledged his allegiance to Islam. Archer believes the police defend laws  that are contrary to Islam. 

Investigators believe, Archer traveled to Saudi Arabia in 2011 and Egypt in 2012. Archer's mother, Valerie Holliday, described her son as devout Muslim. Archer's mother says, the family had asked him to seek help and Archer refused any attempts they made to get help for him.

As expected, Jacob Bender, the executive director of the Philadelphia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, an advocacy group, says he contacted five Mosques and in the area and could not find anyone who knew of Archer or could verify his attendance to any local Mosques. 

Archer approached the officer's vehicle, stuck his arm in the vehicle at point blank range and shot a Philadelphia officer. Archer shot the officer three times. The officer got out of his vehicle and shot at Archer. Harnett survived the attack by Archer and is recovering in the hospital.

America is under attack by the lone wolf supporters of Islam. The United States must go after the Islam Extremist ideology. The President refuses to acknowledge the Islamic Extremists in the United States. First, one must acknowledge there is a problem before you can attempt to combat the problem at hand. 

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