Wednesday, January 28, 2015

ISIS Threatens to Behead President Obama in the White House (Video)

ISIS threatens Obama, "We will cut off your head in the White House" and turn America into a Muslim province. Now that President Obama has a direct threat against his life from ISIS, will he admit ISIS is Islamic Extremist? If the Islamic Extremists attempt to get into the White House and behead Obama, will that be considered "work place violence"?

I highly doubt they will make it into the White House or they will be able to turn America into a Muslim province, but that doesn't mean they will not inflict massive amounts of damage on the people of the United States.

The more Obama denies ISIS is Muslim Extremists and go at war with ISIS, the more they are going to come after the United States. Obama's denial makes the United States look weak and blind to the truth, ISIS is a threat to the United States. When a group or country threatens the safety of America, the President is obligated to the citizens of the United States as the Commander and Chief to go after them and take them out.

Repeatedly, the ISIS militant repeats the word "wullah", meaning I swear. In the Arabic language, wullah is used to show truth and the individual is swearing to Allah on their word. It is a sin to Muslims to use the word and follow it with a lie. In order to understand the seriousness of the threat, you have to understand the Muslim religion and the consequences of saying the word "wullah" when you are telling a lie. If a Muslim were to say the word "wullah" and tell a lie, this means they would go to hell. ISIS is Islamic Extremists and fighting what they believe to be Jihad, a holy war.

With all the innocent people who have already been killed by the hands of ISIS Jihadis, you would think President Obama would begin to take their threats seriously and finally admit we are at war with ISIS, Islamic Extremists. President Obama has been pretending as though ISIS is not a threat to the safety of Americans. It angers me to think we are like sitting ducks waiting for an attack by ISIS while our President is out working on his golf game and addressing every issue but the problem with ISIS.

Obviously, somebody is not doing their homework on the enemy or this video would send chills down the spine to hear the intensity in the ISIS militants voice when he says the word "wullah" if you know how seriously they take the word when they say it.

Identify your enemy, study your enemy and defeat them.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

US Stocks Seen It's Biggest Drop in 3 Weeks

There are new fears the economy is going to fall. Companies are showing that sales are down and companies are beginning to question their growth with DOW reporting triple digit declines. DOW Jones Industrial stocks have seen the biggest drop in 3 weeks according to the Market Watch.

USA Today reports, the Dow Jones industrial average ended down 291 points Tuesday as earnings from a batch of big-name companies pulled stocks sharply down. As companies are turning in their year end reports and adding up their profits and losses, they are finding that sales are down overall and many companies are losing on expenses.

A&T is reporting a $4 billion dollar loss on expenses. AS a result, the lousy earnings are dragging down the market and the DOW plunges more than 350 points. 

Caterpillar's stock slid 7% helping drag down the DOW. Profits plunged 25% in the fourth quarter. With the a slow in demand on Caterpillar's equipment, 2015 is beginning to look bleak for Caterpillar.

Other strong markets such as Microsoft and Nasdaq has also seen a serious decline. China and Hong Kong are seeing a serious decline in their markets along with the U.S. The U.S. depends highly on foreign investors, with markets dropping in the foreign markets the U.S. market exchange could take a serious blow for 2015. Which translates to the U.S. economy could take a serious hit this year. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Islamberg, New York- Terrorist Training Camp In The US

Islamberg is a small rural town in Hancock, New York. Islamberg is a 70 acre compound where Jihadis learn guerrilla warfare.

Islamberg is a Muslim only community composed mainly of black males who converted to Islam while in prison. Islamberg is one of the 35 training camps located right here in the United States in 22 states. The compounds range from 25 to 300 acres. Even though our United States Government finds them a possible threat to the United States, they are allowed to continue to operate, because they are not listed as a terrorist organization.

These organizations are run by a radical Sheikh in Pakistan, known by the name of Sheikh Mubarak Ali Galani. Galani is the leader of the terrorist organization known as Jamaat Al Fuqra. All the way from Pakistan, Galani is training home-grown terrorists to carry out attacks here in the United States on our own soil. I wouldn't be surprised if our government is paying for welfare benefits for the women and children of these men.

The groups are known as the Muslims of America (MOA) and recruit in Mosques and prisons through out the United states targeting African American ex-cons for their training camps.

Now it gets even more scary, Islamberg is located right next to a reservoir that supplies most of New York City's drinking water. The MOA training camps train their recruits in firearms, bomb making and guerrilla warfare.

All of this information is published all over the web. However, our government continues to allow these training to operate and to recruit their soldiers to carryout acts of terrorism right here on our own soil. There are 35 of these training camps throughout the United States. Yet, they are still open and still recruiting even after all of the attacks that have been carried out through out the world. 

If you want to conquer your enemy, conquer your enemy from within. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Protesters and Muslim Extremists

NYPD officers killed

Paris Attack

Where are the all the Michael Brown and "I can't breathe" protesters now? They seemed to have disappeared. The protesters who are calling for people to kill police officers isn't much different than ISIS. 

Compare ISIS to the cop killing protesters. What are they calling for people to do? Kill people for their cause. One thing I have found about people who take things to the extreme is they will use whatever excuse necessary to push their cause and dismiss any facts that dispute their cause. Too many people do not get cause and effect or the real meaning of empathy. They claim they understand, but really they are lost. 

A true understanding of cause and effect would be to empathize with someone in a difficult situation. To empathize would be to know what you would do or react to the same stimulus. How would you feel if your brother, sister, mother, father and etc. were innocent victims of the cop killer attacks or an ISIS attack. They both have the same end result, innocent lives lost who had nothing to do with their cause. 

It is as wrong for the people go out and kill police officers or as for ISIS killing people. These same people out protesting against law enforcement would expect that same police officer to protect their life and expect the officer to give his life for their own safety if an Islamic extremist attack were to happen in their own neighborhood. My question is, how are they supposed to feel safe going into the neighbor hoods where protesters wanted them killed? How would you feel? Would you go? That is empathy! 

Without the police, we'd be living life like in a Iraq or Pakistan. Where you neighbor could burn your child alive for wearing lip stick. Where someone could walk into your home with an gun and rob your and get away with it. It would be a lawless society. 

Both groups are doing the same thing, killing for their cause. Think about it.

New ISIS Video Released Showing a Child Executing Two Spies.

ISIS has released a new video today titled "Uncovering An Enemy Within." The video is a recruitment video targeted at the young to join a new training camp of the "Next Generation." ISIS recruits young children to become members of the "Cubs of Islamic State" to become the next soldiers and carry out suicide attacks. These children sit in a classroom holding a AK-47 and are trained to be the new Jihadis of the future. 

Once a child is registered, they begin with extensive mental training. These training camps accommodate around 40-60 children at one time. The children are used to replace ISIS ranks and to keep the radicalization movement going. ISIS recognizes they must train and recruit to keep ISIS going strong. Most of them will end up in the battlefield standing next to their fathers.  

The video shows the boy executing two alleged Russian spies.  The child executioner expresses these spies were captured by the "Grace of Allah" and he is able to carry out the execution by the "Grace of Allah." The young boy is smiling in the video and expressing his hope to kill infidels. 

The ignorance of our own President refusing to admit ISIS is Islamic Extremist is only going to add fuel to the ISIS battle. ISIS believes that it is their duty of holy soldiers to spread the word of Allah and do what is necessary to make people follow Sharia Law and if they do not follow Sharia Law be killed. ISIS is fighting "Jihad", a holy war. ISIS is no different than a serial killer. The serial killer wants you to know why they are doing what they are doing. 

Ignoring ISIS is Muslim is the worst thing you can do, it is no different than spitting on the ground to a Muslim. It is extremely offensive to a Muslim to deny they are Muslim and their acts of violence are not in the name of Allah or the Prophet Mohammed. Denying they are Muslim will only infuriate them and motivate them to carry out more acts of terrorism.

Identify and know your enemy, because they know everything about you.  

Monday, January 12, 2015

ISIS Cyber Attack on Command Central Twitter and YouTube

I'm not sure about the rest of the population, with the new terrorist attacks, threats and now the new Central Command Twitter/ YouTube pages hack things are getting a little scary. We are sitting around waiting for a Paris-like attack to happen right here on our homeland.


ISIS sure does have us on our toes. ISIS is holding the entire city of New York hostage by installing fear, polarizing the city. The citizens of New York are now required to show their hands when they walk down the street and show anything they may have holding in their hands.

As our society evolves with technology changing how we run our everyday life, war evolves and changes, just as we do. We have the world right at our finger tips with a few key strokes, but the problem with that is we are also right at the finger tips of anyone else in the world.Thanks to advancing technology anyone can go on Google and get real life pictures and exact GPS locations of any building in the entire United States, they hire people we have educated to use our technology to hack our systems to get access to our bank accounts, credit cards and all of personal government information.

  It's a new age war, cyber attacks and the use of fear tactics is the new war. With today's technology, ISIS has the knowledge to hack into our life, our government and knock down our power grids. The United States runs every single aspect and function of our life on technology. Groups like ISIS continue to thrive, because they have learned how to function and manipulate technology to their benefit and continue to be able to self sufficient without the use of technology. How many Americans are prepared to survive without technology or electricity?  

Groups like ISIS are becoming stronger by gaining recruits at phenomenal rates. The internet makes it very easy to get their message out to anyone they wish and is the ultimate recruitment tool. ISIS is recruiting our youth from all around the world, they recruit right in our own back yard to Muslim Extremists who already live here in the United States. Our own money is being sent overseas by millions of Muslims every year to fund terrorist groups. They go to work every day, many of them working for cash, avoid paying taxes and collecting off our welfare system. Michigan DHS allows 4 wives and their children who are married to the same man to collect welfare benefits. I can guarantee our government knows more than I do about how they fund their terrorist acts and plan future attacks. The million dollar question is "Why are they doing nothing to stop it?"

To win a war, you must first admit you are at war. Second, identify the enemy, Third,  you must learn everything possible about your enemy. Fourth , develop a strategy and take them out. We can't acknowledge we are at war if our President won't admit we have an enemy other than just terrorists. Terrorists is just a generic term. In order to elaborate on exactly who the terrorists are, we would have to admit they are Islamic Extremists. We can't do it, because it might insult someone. We can''t develop a strategy, if we can't identify who we are at war with. So simple, if I and so many others can figure out, we are at war and with who, then why can't President Obama. How can Obama act as Commander in Chief of the United States, if he can't even identify the enemy?

Sunday, January 11, 2015

New ISIS Video Released Saturday Directly Threatening the United States, Canada, France and Australia

The year 2015 has become a new way of life for society. Just as the year begins, our way of life is already beginning to change with the new terrorist acts of violence in France and with the new threats placed against our law enforcement, military and any non-believing citizen.

The NYPD is now put on high alert as is any other law enforcement is across the United States. Saturday a video was released by an ISIS spokesman Abu Mohammed al Adnani telling his followers to, "rise up and kill intelligence officers, police officers, soldiers, and civilians." 

New alerts have been put out saying new "Paris-like Attacks could be carried out weekly. 

Adnani specifically named the United States, France, Australia and Canada as targets for their attacks. The Department of Homeland Security issued a bulletin to law enforcement across the country. 

As showing in the video, ISIS is using the momentum of audio threats made in September and the Paris attacks to wake up sleeper cells and igniting terrorist acts of violence against non-believers. Adnani is hoping to inspire self-professed ISIS followers to carry out attacks in the West. 

It is time for the political correct police to lose their badges. Everyone out lobbying to protect an individuals rights have gone above and beyond necessary to the point of destroying our country from with in. Giving terrorists the opportunity to set up shop right here in our own backyard, asking Christians to abandon their values in the presence of Muslims and any other religion. However, other religions have the right to express their religious values, because we do not want to offend them or risk violating their rights. We have stripped away the right s of Americans to protect the rights of others. This new way of life is a direct consequence of a society over sympathizing. 

The United States have several of it's own no-go zones just as France does. Areas where there is heavy Muslim influence with the majority of their police, human services and politicians running the city. We have allowed populations in the United States consume and run areas effectively keeping Western influence out of their cities as much as possible. 

To all those "I can't breathe protesters and Michael Brown protesters, I guess you may need law enforcement sooner than you thought. 

Friday, January 9, 2015

The West On High Alert After New Terrorist Threats Surface

After the most recent attacks in Paris, I guess Obama can no longer deny the tragic events over the last three days in Paris was not terrorism. A member of the Al-Qaeda affiliate in Yemen told the Associated Press today, the massacre in Paris that killed 12 during the Charlie Hebdo Attack was "revenge for the honor" of Islam's Prophet Mohammed.

It is completely impossible to negotiate with Islamic Extremist. Islamic Extremist believe if they die committing Jihad, they will be guaranteed a place in heaven and any sin they have committed in the past will be forgiven. It is an honor for them to die during Jihad(holy war). The philosophy of Sharia is those who do not follow Sharia law shall be killed. Radical Islam has declared war on the West.

Obama for the second straight day has been focusing on his agenda, rather than the terrorist attack in Paris. Obama has briefly covered the attacks in Paris and failed to address how he plans to protect us from the same kind of attack happening in our own country.

It is a pretty scary thought we could be faced with another attack like the 9/11 Attacks. People in America get too comfortable with the feeling of being safe and think, it could never happen here. Well, it did happen here and can very well happen again. Since the 9/11 Attacks, there has been a rise in Islamic Extremist. Our President chooses to deny the reality that Islamic Extremists are at war with us. As in Paris, our country is full of homegrown Islamic Extremists leaving us wide open to attacks by homegrown terrorists.

Now the west has been put on high alert after new threats have been made by Al-Qaeda coming out of Syria and Yemen. Where is our President and why hasn't he addressed the threat against the West?

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Obama's Administration Calling the Paris Attack an Act of Violent Extremism

Once again, Obama can not refer to an act of terrorism as just that, an act of terrorism. Instead, he is referring to the Paris incident as a problem of violent extremism. Calling it an act of violent extremism is simply playing with words. It makes one wonder why is he refusing to call any act of terrorism as terrorism.

The terrorists shouted "Allah Akbar" and "We are avenging the Prophet Mohammed" as they sprayed hundreds of bullets into the victims of the Paris attack from their semi-automatic weapons. Sounds like an act of terrorism to me. 

As Paris authorities were searching the suspects apartments, one of the suspects had materials on Jihad and child pornography in his possession. Interesting how being a christian is not okay, but it is okay to possess child pornography. But, then again we are talking about a religion that allows grown men to marry girls as young as age 9. He must have had a young bride in mind.

I suppose if he was president during the 9/11 Attacks, he would have called it work place violence. Repeated acts of violence has been committed against innocent people by Islamic extremist shouting "Allah Akbar" and killing people. The people are saying they are killing people in the name of "Allah", making it a holy war. We are at war with Islamic Extremists.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Civil Rights Activists Who Refer Themselves as The Black Brunch Invading What They Call White Spaces.

Civil rights activists has started disobedience once again Ferguson, a military funeral interrupted,
Black  Brunch, a group of civil rights activist putting their own spin on the sit in protest. The group crashes, what they call white spaces to read a 4 1/2 minutes of statistics or cases if racism.

This looks more like racial intimidation. Flip the races doing the same act and it would be called racial intimidation. If you look at the pictures and read some of the descriptions, some of these don't seem so friendly. Don't violate someone's brunch they are paying for. Protest on the streets peacefully.

Cornering people is only going to create more problems or fights and once again leading to innocent people, including children getting injured or killed. People should always have the option to get up and leave without their rights being violated. If they are going to interrupt someone's brunch, they should pay for it, because at that time they are imposing on my time and making the chose for me how peacefully I can sit down and enjoy a meal  I am paying for, then they should be paying for those meals. I don't care what race you are, don't impose on my thoughts without my permission, especially when it;s a meal I am paying for.

Now in Tacabaya across the street @dailycal

We interrupt your brunch time to let you know there is a war on Black lives. We will not stay silent.

Black women killed by police: Rekiya Boyd, Renisha McBride, Shaniqua Proctor.

every 28 hours a Black unarmed civilian is murdered by the State. This is why we disrupt.

Monday, January 5, 2015

PETA Is On The Witch Hunt Again Over Sarah Palin's Picture of Palin's Son With Their Dog Jill

This little war PETA has with Sarah Palin is getting old. Sarah Palin posted a picture of their son Trig standing on their dog Jill and posted it on her Facebook page, PETA is at it again. I personally, am not a fan of Sarah Palin politically. However, I personally see nothing wrong with the picture.

The status reads, "Happy New Year!" Palin began in the accompanying caption. "May 2015 see every stumbling block turned into a stepping stone on the path forward. Trig just reminded me. He, determined to help wash dishes with an oblivious mama not acknowledging his signs for 'up!,' found me and a lazy dog blocking his way. He made his stepping stone."

When I look at the picture, I see the love between a dog and a little boy. It shows what a dog will do for a child. The dog is a large healthy looking dog. If the dog was in pain, the dog would have been attempting to move. 

This is a perfect example of our society over sympathizing and stripping away our everyday rights. 

PETA needs to fight the fights that need fighting, instead of wasting precious time and resources saving the animals that need saving and preserving the forests for wild life. Pick your battles and save the fight for the important battles. 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Obama Has Signed in Nearly 75,000 Pages of New Laws for the Year 2015

2015 is going to bring major change to laws and regulations through out the United States. President Obama signed a near 75,000 pages of new laws and regulations that cover everything from paperwork policies to health and safety to the potential abuse of power. Now, isn't that ironic? I am sure none of those potential abuse of power laws will apply to him and his executive orders.

According to a Gallup Survey, the biggest problem America faced in 2014 was a lack of leadership. Americans have lost confidence in our President. Obama was caught in 51 lies last year. President Obama had a secret meeting with protest leaders in Ferguson, Missouri and told them to "stay on path". Our own President is working against our police department and telling rioters who were burning down, looting and robbing local businesses to stay on path. The duty of our President is to unite us, not divide us. Obama is exploiting the racial divide for his own political gains.

President Obama feels the United States is less racially divided than it was 20 years ago. Obama feels there is no epidemic of black males shooting police officers. Obama still has not gone on camera to discuss these murders of police officers. Obama went on camera to discuss the Michael Brown case. When Obama meets with protesters telling them to stay on path, to me that is igniting a racial divide.

As the year 2015 unfolds, little by little President's Obama's communist views as his laws present themselves in his control over our lives. We are walking into 2015 with the biggest racial divide since the 1960's, war with ISIS, the pipeline still hasn't been approved, an epidemic of police officers being killed and 75,000 pages of new laws and regulations are about to be unveiled this year.

Friday, January 2, 2015

New Zealand ISIS Fighter Reveals His Locations In His Tweets

Courtesy of Mark Taylor, we also have a great picture of what
he currently looks like.

An ISIS fighter apparently forgot to turn off geo-location tracking and was revealing his locations in Syria with every tweet he tweeted, reported by Guardian. The ISIS fighter named Mark Taylor, also known as Abu Abdul-Rahman revealed a house where his was staying in December known as Al-Taqbah. Taylor realized he was leaving a trail of his locations with his tweets and deleted 45 of his tweets. Twitter did close his account once they realized Taylor was on the terrorist watch list and was posting tweets.

Brilliant Taylor was also bold enough to burn his New Zealand passport on Facebook and rumor has it, he is trying to get a new passport. 

Taylor also posted YouTube videos saying, he was staying in Syria talking about his commitment is to Jihad for Allah. “My current location is in Syria and my commitment is for jihad for Allah, and his Messenger,” 

Taylor apparently isn't the only ISIS fight who isn't too brilliant and accidentally posted their location on social media from the battle field. ISIS fighters from Canada, France and other western countries have made the same mistake on their social media accounts. 

Who would of thought social media would be an essential tool in tracking down ISIS fighters? I guess people will never learn. Their need to be a star on social media is just too overwhelming for some people.  For some people fame is like crack. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

The States Who Are Now Going To Require Drug Testing of Welfare Recipients

A new year brings, new laws. Many states have passed  new legislation beginning in the year 2015, welfare recipients will be required to pass a drug test if they are to continue to receive their benefits.

Welfare recipients are going to be asked to comply with the new drug testing laws. The laws vary from state to state, Some states will require new recipients to pass a drug test.  In other states who passed the legislation, welfare recipients will only need to pass a drug test if suspected of drug abuse, Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Utah now require welfare recipients to pass a drug test according to their state legislation.

States that have already passed this law house found the program costs more money than it saves. As  As MT's Michael Jackman found earlier, Tennessee who has already passed the law has found that less than 1% welfare recipients use illicit drugs. Utah spent $30,000 on drug testing welfare recipients and found that only 12 recipients failed a drug test.

Many states are already facing a crisis in their budget and drug testing welfare recipients is going to cost more money than it will save when the money can be spent on other programs where funding has been decreased or cut all together. 

Dozens of States to See a Minimum Wage Increase in the Year 2015

It is going to be a happier New Year for 3.1 million U.S. minimum wage workers who are going to see a increase in wages in 2015.

Minimum wage workers in Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida, Nebraska, Ohio, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island will see in increase in their up coming paychecks for the new Year.

Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon and Washington will see a cost-of-living raise that will be mandated in their state laws.

Massachusetts minimum wage workers are seeing the first minimum wage increase since 2008 from $8.00 to $9.00 a year and will see a gradual increase in wages until they meet the minimum of $11.00 an hour by the year 2017.

The state of New York raised it's minimum wage to $8.75, beginning December 31, 2014 and are expecting to see an increase to $9.00 by December 31, 2015.

Washington will raise it's minimum wage to $9.47 and hour. The highest increase is for those minimum wage workers in the District of Columbia, they will see a increase to $10.50 a hour July 1st.

Those workers in the states of Delaware and Minnesota won't see their pay raise until June and August.

Alaska's voters passed the initiative to raise minimum wage, but not until 90 days after the election January 1st, the results won't be certified until February 24th.

As the cost of living has been rising year after year, minimum wage workers has not seen a federal minimum wage increase since 2007. Many states have seen an increase in the minimum wage in the year 2015. However, a federal wage increase is going to be a key issue in the 2015 elections.

Click on the link below to find your states minimum wage schedule.
Guide to Minimum Wage Increases on the State Level

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