Wednesday, January 28, 2015

ISIS Threatens to Behead President Obama in the White House (Video)

ISIS threatens Obama, "We will cut off your head in the White House" and turn America into a Muslim province. Now that President Obama has a direct threat against his life from ISIS, will he admit ISIS is Islamic Extremist? If the Islamic Extremists attempt to get into the White House and behead Obama, will that be considered "work place violence"?

I highly doubt they will make it into the White House or they will be able to turn America into a Muslim province, but that doesn't mean they will not inflict massive amounts of damage on the people of the United States.

The more Obama denies ISIS is Muslim Extremists and go at war with ISIS, the more they are going to come after the United States. Obama's denial makes the United States look weak and blind to the truth, ISIS is a threat to the United States. When a group or country threatens the safety of America, the President is obligated to the citizens of the United States as the Commander and Chief to go after them and take them out.

Repeatedly, the ISIS militant repeats the word "wullah", meaning I swear. In the Arabic language, wullah is used to show truth and the individual is swearing to Allah on their word. It is a sin to Muslims to use the word and follow it with a lie. In order to understand the seriousness of the threat, you have to understand the Muslim religion and the consequences of saying the word "wullah" when you are telling a lie. If a Muslim were to say the word "wullah" and tell a lie, this means they would go to hell. ISIS is Islamic Extremists and fighting what they believe to be Jihad, a holy war.

With all the innocent people who have already been killed by the hands of ISIS Jihadis, you would think President Obama would begin to take their threats seriously and finally admit we are at war with ISIS, Islamic Extremists. President Obama has been pretending as though ISIS is not a threat to the safety of Americans. It angers me to think we are like sitting ducks waiting for an attack by ISIS while our President is out working on his golf game and addressing every issue but the problem with ISIS.

Obviously, somebody is not doing their homework on the enemy or this video would send chills down the spine to hear the intensity in the ISIS militants voice when he says the word "wullah" if you know how seriously they take the word when they say it.

Identify your enemy, study your enemy and defeat them.

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